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Trans People Exist, Sport is For All, the Elite need to get real.


Sport England have a vision for sport and physical activity.  

Sport England: towardS an activE nation Sport England Strategy 2016 – 21 introduction In December 2015 the Government published Sporting Future: A New Strategy for an Active Nation.It sets a bold aand ambitious direction for sport policy which is documented at

They have grouped the strategy into five key areas:

Physical wellbeing
Mental wellbeing
Individual development
Social and community development
Economic development

These five areas are important to the whole population, but for the LGBT+ community they are critical. 

Grass Roots sport is powerful and belongs to erveryone.

Elite Sport exists in a toxic Ivory Tower, of misplaced National Pride, Financial abuse, Medical Abuse.  Elite Sport creates arrogant athletes, who are disrespectful to their Governing Bodies and the International Olympic Committee.  I’ve been in governing body meeting where retiring athletes think they should be handed High Level Coaching Qualifications, without the underpinning education.  Now, we have ex elite athletes who think their limited existence allows them to comment on wider society.  They have a right to an opinion just like everyone else, and like everyone else they need to recognise the difference between hate speech and free speech.

There is clearly some work to be done at elite level for some LGBT+ athletes.  But, we need to remember that all elite athletes, are either genetically gifted or enhanced by Sports Science.  Elite level is not a level playing field of clones.

In the current environment, the majority of us need grass roots sport, so lets not destroy that while the governing bodies resolve the elite level issues.

La Miranda , lifelong LGBT+ activist, and at one time I spent 10 years working for a governing body as a development officer.


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