Tommy Robinson’s Working Class Con Trick


Perversely portraying himself as a heroic cross between Martin Luther King and Gandhi, far-right extremist MEP candidate Stephen Yaxley-Lennon is attempting to exploit discontent and sow bigotry and hatred within impoverished council estates in the North West, presenting himself as the white working man’s saviour.

Despite having ghostwritten two books, Yaxley-Lennon is not the political mastermind he likes to believe he is. The loosest of cannons, coked to the eyeballs, the self-styled persona of “Tommy Robinson” is liable to descend into frenzied bouts of fisticuffs whenever passers-by dare to take the piss, be it at genteel top hat and tails Royal Ascot, or the mean, milkshake-sodden streets of Warrington.

Whilst Adolf Hitler was a compulsive orator, the drug-addled version from Luton rambles incomprehensively when caught off-track and asked to answer meaningful questions. Mr Lennon is well-rehearsed when ranting about Muslims, immigrants and antifascists up on stage, or in-front of his own “TR News” cameras, but who wouldn’t be when you’re raking in humongous sums of extremely filthy lucre from spreading toxic-grade hate. A thug first and foremost, he is anything but a politician, and yet, for reasons of egotism and personal wealth, he mainains the illusion of self-importance, projecting his phoney public persona upon the downtrodden, weary, weak-willed and gullible at every opportunity.

Every Hitler needs his Goebbels. In Stephen Yaxley-Lennon’s case, he has puppeteers Ezra Levant, Daniel Pipes, Avi Yemini, Pam Geller and ultimately white supremacist Steve Bannon tugging his strings, telling him what to do.

Brendon O’Neill of Spiked Magazine (formerly “Living Marxism”) continues to push the tired and well-worn myth that Yaxley-Lennon is “a working class hero”, despite the fact he owns several properties and businesses, and recently purchased a £960,000 mansion in Bedfordshire. Lennon has bragged on social media that he was loaded at an incredibly young age. Every time somebody questions his fake working class credentials, Brendon plays the smart alec, alleging the serial criminal’s rank stupidity is sacrosanct, all part-and-parcel of being working class. Following O’Neill’s “logic”, the world’s most powerful person, a lifetime billionaire to boot, president of the United States Donald Trump is also working class because he shares the same bumbling, aggressive ignorance as Stephen Yaxley-Lennon.

Are we to assume Brendon O’Neill would have offered class protection to Adolf Hitler? Hitler was not only working class. He was homeless as a young man, which according to the strange workings of O’Neill’s brain, would have rendered him “the authentic voice of the working class”. Victim blamer O’Neill erroneously described nazi mass murderer Anders Breivik as “a monster made by multiculturalism,” not forgeting Spiked’s previous incarnation as Living Marxism, which denied the anti-Muslim genocide that occured at the Omarska concentration camp in Bosnia.

From Oswald Mosley (pictured above) onwards, claiming to be the voice of the working classes, has been a prime tactic of wealthy fascists. Anybody who seeks to oppress and denigrate the worshippers of an entire world religion should be equally and thoroughly opposed regardless of their educational background and exploitative overtures visiting run-down estates pretending to care less about the plight of struggling people, just to win votes.

The upshot of O’Neill’s class appropriation is the age-old far right assumption that the majority of the prolitariat are lumpen idiots ready to be usurped by the extreme rightwing as easily-programable boots and fists at the beck and call of their fuhrer. Despite average crowds of up to 150-250 max. at each estate gathering, the vast majority of people in each area weren’t natural Yaxley-Lennon supporters, and are not far right fodder to be used and abused because they didn’t have a private education. To assume somebody poor and white, living on the margins of society in abject poverty are naturally white nationalists because of their upbringing, is grossly offensive, and smacks of the same privilege which O’Neill falsely assuses his antifascist critics.

The false assumption that white working class people are inherently racist and thick, is utilised not just by far right hate preachers, but by the biggest media baron of all, rightwing misinformation supremo Rupert Murdoch whose Sun Newspaper has for endless decades bombarded working class readers with a diet of stupidity and falsehoods which most ordinary people have managed to counteract with common sense. Murdoch believed by plonking a pair of breasts each day on Page Three, he could peddle endless troughs of lies that “red-blooded” manual C3 workers would lap-up instinctively and without thought, like Pavlov’s dogs. How wrong he was…

Contrary to accepted belief, most working class people abhor the bigotry of UKIP, the EDL, Britain First, For Britain, or what remains of the BNP or the National Front. Whilst the tabloid media has sought to create enemies of outsiders and new arrivals, from the Windrush generation onwards, through to British Asians, asylum seekers, Eastern Europeans and Muslims, on the streets, apart from a small hardcore pro-rightwing minority, most working class people of all backgrounds just want to work together and get on with each other.

The continued aim of the well-organised far right is to try to prevent this from happening, using all the weapons at their disposal, racialising child abuse and knife crime in the hope lasting hostilities will be nurtured which will result in the neo-Nazis wet dream, an urban race war. Fortunately for society, the famed “silent majority” is not the fabled homologous racist, homophobic and ablist entity they would like to have us believe exists.

Grass-roots socialism challenges the artificial notion that working class people preoccupied with social problems related to poverty, stuck in dead-end low-skilled jobs don’t have the time to think. Anybody quick to discount the political and social awareness of the working class, need only turn their minds back to the resistance to Maggie Thatcher in the Miners’ Strike. Young people in some of the most challenging social environments are now taking an avid interest environmental destruction and climate change. But still, the well-funded hatemongers see the working class as far game for reactionary politics.

Despite being peddled to the working classes, albeit unsuccessfully, and marketed as “anti-establishment”, fascism has forever had its supporters amongst the gentry and high society. Marketed as a “third way” between communim and capitalism, fascism, like its cousin nazism, has always had its adherents in the boardroom, council chambers and government offices, since Mussolini took power. Appealing to titled gents, rightwing industrialists, and colonialists / post-colonialists who longed for the “good old days” to return with iron-rod oppression, supporters included members of the Royal Family, and other pillars of society. Long before fascism emerged, deadly racist oppression was practiced throughout Britain’s colonies, including concentration camps, which the British first devised and introduced, genocide, nothing new for the British Empire and other Empires. Grounded on pseudoscience, supported by the intelligencia, skin-colour colonial discrimination was accepted practice long after the abolition of slavery.

Following the end of the Second World War, former colonies establishing independence, their citizens seeking work abroad, the deadly, genocidal stench of fascism returned throughout Western Europe, including the United Kingdom. The arrival of emergency labour from the former colonies was initially welcomed by Enoch Powell himself (pictured), migrants from the Caribbean and the Indian-Subcontinent rescuing British industry from crippling staff shortages in engineering, the NHS, public transport, and a multitude of other industries on their knees in the post-war industrial slump. However, like Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, Powell believed turning to fascist racism would propell him into notoriety, so he spewed forth Britain’s most deadly and damaging hate speech of all time, the notorious “Rivers Of Blood” speech.

Not knowing he would expelled from the Tory Party by Edward Heath, the privileged scolar of classical history saw rich pickings by preying on ignorance. Educated in Trinity College and the University of Cambridge with a knowledge of classical history, like Lennon, he thrust himself into the limelight as a “champion of the working man”, preying upon industrial uncertainty by scapegoating the very migrant workers he himself encouraged to move to Britain, dockers and car workers radicalised with fear, resentment and old-fashioned primeval loathing which would endure for decades.

Post 9/11, in the fragile aftermath of the Iraq War, terrorism the narrative upon many politicians lips, Muslims and the entire religion of Islam were targeted by the burgeoning “anti-jihadist” caucus which pushed Islamophobia in a parallel mode to the spread of antisemitism. Whilst British neo-nazi organisations such as Nick Griffin’s BNP were slow to support this movement, anti-Jewish hate rather than Islamophobia their mainstay, they eventually switched to openly targeting Muslims and Islam as well as direct skin-colour racism, hoping to rival the EDL, stealing their thunder.

Boosted through the support of the hard-right American Tea Party, professional anti-Muslim bigot Pamela Geller and Sharia Watch together spearheaded the international expansion of the anti-Jihad movement. The explosion of social media paved the way for far right politics to spread virally amongst a younger audience. An outrage campaign in Murdoch’s Sun tabloid newspaper about an small bunch of Islamic extremists abusing soldiers returning home from the Iraq War, paved the way for the flashmob lauch of the UK’s very own “English Defence League” or EDL. Bringing together Geller, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (AKA Tommy Robinson), Lionheart and Alan Ayling (AKA Alan Lake), enlisting armies of rival violent racist football hooligans to fight under one banner against Islam, Tommy’s EDL expanded to every corner of England, heralding a return of boot and fist fascism following the BNP’s failed attempts at caputuring the ballot box.

Anti-Muslim pogroms were headed-off by police forces across the country using riot shields and batons, batalions of maurading thugs were unleashed across the length and breadth of Britain, including Scotland and Wales. Co-opting the tribalism and anger of rightwing football hooliganism, Britain’s Muslim minorities were constantly beseiged by gangs of drunken maurading footsoldiers. Whilst many hooligan firms have middle class members, the casual culture is viewed as working class rebellion, offering the ready-made illusion, once again, that fascism is the lifeblood of the proletariat.

Despite documented links between mass-murderer Anders Brevik and the EDL, capitalising on anger surrounding the failure of the authorities to act after decades of child sex abuse in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, the EDL organised frequent violent fascist rallies against Muslims, the aim of which, to drive a permanent wedge between impoverished Asian and white Anglo-Saxon communities, the racialisation of crime triggering “revenge assaults”, leading to outright racial warfare. Despite the comical stupidity of the EDL, the deadly intent of its founders was illustrated intensely by co-founder Alan Ayling (AKA Alan Lake) and his EDL Final Solution document, where he proposed the murders of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Prime Minister David Cameron, and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg

The conviction of Stephen Yaxley-Lennon for mortgage fraud threw a major spanner in the works, not just for the EDL, but for the entire global anti-Muslim movement. Having left the EDL for a paltry pay-off from Quilliam following his guilty plea, a move likely to ease conflict in jail, “Tommy Robinson” briefly portrayed himself as a changed man who aimed to put his hatred behind him, however upon leaving jail, he returned to Twitter using the @trobinsonnewera handle sharing and posting the same bile which he flaunted whilst leading the EDL.

Previous to his jailing, Robinson pleaded with his enduringly racist EDL faithful to keep faith with him. “Trust me, I have got something big lined-up”, he tweeted, pre-planning a full-blooded return to fascism when he had served his time. True to his word, he helped set-up Pegida UK based upon the German far right movement of the same name following his release, wrongly believing Pegida would become the new EDL.

Thanks to the amateurish incompetance of demifuhrer Matthew Pope, Yaxley-Lennon switched attention to his ghostwritten version of Mein Kampf entitled Enemy Of The State, an over-priced propaganda-rammed recollection of his violent reign at the EDL. Early interest was scant, the far right scene focused temporarily upon serial troll Joshua Bonehill and the escapades of EDL-offshoots the North-West Infidels (NWI), the North-East Infidels (NEI), plus the soon to be proscribed national socialist group National Action, the latter of which went to York and held up a banner proclaimimg “Hitler Was Right”.

Thoroughly aware the public were growing tired of him, Yaxley-Lennon reinvented himself as a “journalist”, albeit for a fake news channel led by Ezra Levant entitled Rebel Media. Just as it looked like “Tommy” was yesterday’s man, no-longer relevant to a changing far right world, along came several large-scale deadly terrorist incidents following a general election announcement, the largest of these, a huge crowd of young people killed and injured by deadly ISIS bombs released in Manchester.

For the convicted criminal from Luton, the murders were a gamechanger. Turning up whilst bodies were warm on the ground, the wealthy parasite twisted these dreadful incidents to his advantage, shamelessly slithering back into the limelight to capitalise upon victim suffering. He was aided and abetted every step of the way by sympathetic comrades. From nowhere, a brand new far right street hooligan organisation the FLA was launched by unknown entity – spurs fan John Meighan, a ready-made pre-planned logo and stacks of commercial merchandise immediately launched with professional precision.

A sizeable far right crowd returning from an anti-immigration march in Sunderland called in at Manchester for a huge-scale anti-terror march involving a mix of famous-name ex-EDLers and neo-Nazis alongside angry locals, for which Tommy once again became the centre of attention. A small neo-fascist pretend LGBT event organised by Thomas Cook (AKA Tommy English) and AMD Waters called “Gays Against Sharia” was hijacked by Tommy to become a huge-scale (non-LGBT) FLA hatefest, the impromptu gathering becoming headline breaking news all around the world.

Following a high-profile fall-out over returned donations from the Royal British Legion, the FLA ruptured to become the DFLA which contained ex-Combat18 and UDA neo-Nazi Frank Portinari. Continuing to masquerade as a journalist, the DFLA was EDL Mk II, but with larger crowds and more successful press liaison. Tagging along with the DFLA offered “Robinson” the opportunity to regain all his lost fans before Quilliam and the EDL splits, which he achieved via intensive Facebook and Twitter user brainwashing campaigns.

Despite rigourous campaigning from antifascists ensuring he couldn’t find many venues which would host his book-signings, Enemy Of The State had decent sales figures on Amazon, the sellotape-across-mouth pose used to plea victimhood and secure significant charitable donations from legions of gullible supporters worldwide. Another get-rich-quick ploy of the fascist fraudster was to lurk outside of courtrooms whilst child grooming trials involving non-white suspects were underway, randomly live-streaming people entering and leaving the building, pretending he was responsible for bringing the assailants to justice, when in-fact he was merely a grifting onlooker shamelessly stealing other people’s credit.

Removed from both Facebook and Twitter and demonitised by YouTube following multiple incidences of doorstepping harassment of journalists, Tommy’s latest scam utilises the European elections resulting from the Brexit delay. Posing as a racist Robin Hood, stage-managed by Ezra Levant and the Middle East Forum, “Tommy” hired a van with giant screen to broadcast anti-Muslim hate interspersed with wedding videos to radicalise vulnerable white working class communities, feigning concern towards the impoverished plight of the man in the street, despite purchasing a £960,000 gated house in a posh Bedfordshire village.

The abject failure of Brexit, coupled with the creation of his own, personal fake news “broadcaster” TR News, offered the ideal chance to Dellboy-Lennon to peddle pop-up Nuremberg rallies from hired vans. Until 2019, he rarely mentioned Brexit, or party politics of any sort, apart from boasting he voted Tory at the last election, and yet, suddenly, at the flick of a switch, he’s a self-processed political expert on the affairs of the EU and world trade, albeit blaming every single thing on Muslims and Islam.

Remedying forgotten communities requires significant investment not just of money and resources, but meaningful ideas which can help lift large numbers of people out of abject poverty. Parking ones van on municiple playing fields on council estates in the Northwest, swaggering up to confused mums with pushchairs ranting and raving about the Qu’ran does nothing to help people struggling on the breadline who cannot afford to pay their rent or electricity bill. Nor does pushing the white supremacist myth of “replacement” to teenagers help stop hazarous motorbike riding throuugh peoples back gardens in the early hours. Nor dog poop on grass verges, litter, leaking gutter pipes, rising damp, vandalised cars, urine through letterboxes, alcoholism or drug addiction.

Neither will pretending Polish and Romanian people are stealing your jobs improve the lives of anybody. Misplaced jealousy achieves absolutely nothing other than generating rampant bitterness and resentment which destroys you, and makes you unemployable. Black, white or Asian, young or old, working class people whatever our background share the same diminished social status, the same lack of opportunities, and the same brutal state neglect, be they stuck on a forgotten sink estate, or crammed into dilapidated rat-infested inner-city back-to-back terraced houses.

When Stephen Yaxley Lennon claims to “speak for everyone”, he speaks for no-one. An extremely wealthy renowned coke addict who boasts about his addiction on camera, the buzz of hatred he generates from estate to estate will worsen not improve the lives of residents. Encouraging organised racism, be it skin-colour based, religion prejudice or whatever, is encouraging antisocial and illegal behaviour, nurturing troublesome residents to bully and harass people from different backgrounds, some of whom radicalised by this malevolent hate preacher will end up behind bars. He might as well turn up on the same estate encouraging young people to joyride…

Islamophobia makes nobody lives happier and safer, whether victim or assailant. If you have been encouraged to fear religious and racial minorities, you will spend your entire life looking over your shoulder, burning up inside with fear and loathing, worried you’re going to eventually get zapped with a Muslamic ray gun. Engaging with an outlaw who the rest of society loathes, might give a warped thrill to some people, as can using racist language or singing obscene songs about religious prophets, but nothing life-changingly positive will result from these small racist electoral gatherings.

Yaxley-Lennon won’t be there to pick up the pieces when a isolated community ends up more vilified and isolated than ever because of his overwhelmingly nefarious influence. He will be sunnying himself on holiday in a luxurious Caribbean island, treating waiters like slaves, laughing about all the mugs he has fleeced and hoodwinked and awaiting his bank statement with glee.

“Tommy”, the BNP, Britain First, the DFLA… None of these people give a shit about the real problems in your life, and even less so, Tommy’s backers and funders. International political strategies involving America, Russia and the Middle-East underpin Yaxley-Lennon’s campaigns, dividing and conquering ordinary people along artificial lines of race or religion. Forgotten working class communities can go to hell for all they care, Islamophobia is merely their latest tool to destroy socialist working class solidarity, wreck lives and leave more vulnerable people at the mercy of loan sharks and rogue capitalists.

Tommy Robinson backer, Steve Bannon, the multimillionaire international white supremacist mastermind who coined the “deep state” concept was the founder of Cambridge Analytica, the high profile company which lifted private Facebook data for financial profit.

The dodgy dealings of the super wealthy are the true Establishment, not liberalism or socialism. Such people never get investigated, let alone arrested or jailed for such massive-scale misdemeanours. Soros is a smokescreen. Beneavolent donors who openly aid democracy are not in the same league as unbeneavolent rightwing donors who fund hatred, warfare and religious conflict. Fascism and crony capitalism work hand-in-hand, whether in America, Hungary, Russia or Italy. A socially oppressive state which contravenes human rights laws, is a rogue state where any law can be ignored and contravened by the super-rich and powerful.

Life is absolute hell living under the Tories for so many people, fire-proof cladding removed from tower blocks, the bedroom tax, utility bills rising, the cost of living going up-and-up, nobody able to afford to pay their rents. Electing “Tommy Robinson” or UKIP will change lives only for the worse, whatever colour or religion you are. Over the years, many UKIP candidates have expressed support of eugenics for jobless people who are a “burden on the state”. It’s time to remember the haunting words of Pastor Niemoller before it’s too late, and you yourself become a victim of fascist persecution!

The next time a working class person, be it friend, work colleague, or total stranger insists Tommy Robinson speaks for them, remember to put them right.




  • Omg I’ve never read so much bs in my life.. so labour, tories, Conservative, have done wonders for this country I don’t think so all they have done is rape the British tax payer for years and its time for a change.start telling some truths and grow some balls ffs.. This country needs change and I for 1 of many will be voting ukip and I hope the northwest votes for Tommy robinson, stephan yaxely lennon or any other name he wants to go by as long as he don’t change it to Labour or Torrie..

  • It’s smear-jobs like this that are sending this man to jail for speaking out against pedophiles and terrorists, where he’s likely to be shanked by them. Good job, you degenerate fucking coward.

    • Robinson puts legal cases at risk which has the potential to put actual child abusers back onto the streets. Far from fighting child abuse, Robinson’s actions are actually facilitating it.

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