Tommy’s Telegram Trolls


It has been very interesting watching Tommy Robinson on a platform where it is not possible to buy likes. Suddenly his million strong support has been reduced to around 35k. Granted some of his knuckledragging fans may have found the installation and use of Telegram to be beyond their cognitive faculties but, regardless, it is a poor turn out and reflects just how little support there is out there for the pint sized bigot.

Telegram is a social media network, much like WhatsApp. Robinson has set up a group which anyone can view but which you have to ‘join’ if you wish to make a comment. The account is viewed daily by myself, other members of Resisting Hate and numerous people ‘on the left’ or who are in opposition to Robinson’s racism. The comments are made by a bunch of the most reprehensibile scumbags you could ever wish to see.

On Robinson’s Telegram channel, supporters of his anti Islam, racist and hate views use the comments section to post lies, threats of violence, death threats and some of the worst attempts at the English language by so called proud English ‘patriots’ I have ever had the misfortune to see on the net.

This is Tommy Robinson’s echo chamber of hate. These are the idiots who support him…  



    • Just like you it is full of shite Goggins, you retarded nonce.

  • Not had any replies yet. Come on girls, I’ve even had a wash

    • Had a wash Soapy Goggins? You really mean it rained and your manky delapidated caravan roof leaked. You sad Cont. page 9.

  • Why has Tommy only got 30 thousand followers? Is it because he can’t buy them?

  • I keep hearing “Tommy Robinson racist” ,but I’m yet to see even one of these “journalists” provide a single example of anything even remotely racist said by TR. PS Islam isn’t a race.

  • Disgusting.
    Especially the bits in which they talk about violence.
    Are they typing with one hand only?

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