Tommy Robinson Compares Himself to Jo Cox


Tommy Robinson’s speech in Middleton (video footage below) was less of a political address and more of a long, self indulgent, victim playing, whine about how he feels he and his family have been persecuted by the British press and the British public.

There were NO policies in the speech. No indication as to any strategy Robinson might adopt if his delusional and thuggish fanboys ever did manage to get him elected to public office. The whole speech was a diatribe about how unfair it is that he can’t spout about his hatred for Muslims without running the risk of a passer by chucking a milkshake over him.

The extreme low of this whole pointless exercise was Tommy making a comparison between himself and murdered politician Jo Cox (the member of Parliament who was a victim of a terrorist attack from a far right sympathiser.)

There is no comparison to be made Tommy. Jo Cox was a lady who stood up for the rights of all her constituents, who believed all communities should work together and who will always be remembered for her thoughtful words that: “We have far more in common than that which divides us.

You on the other hand have spent your entire life trying to divide communities. You have built your fortune on the back of dehumanising Muslims and putting them at risk. You have espoused hatred and spouted vitriol to get yourself into the public eye. If you are ‘at risk’ (and frankly I don’t believe you are, I think it is yet another of your lies to get public sympathy) then it is your own fault for your despicable behaviour and your determination to create tension and division in this country.

You are a disgrace and a racist scumbag Robinson and not fit to even mention the name of Jo Cox.



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