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Tommy Robinson and his Hate Tweets


Since Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) co published his anti Islam book “Mohammed’s Koran” with Peter McClaughlin he has been immersed in an attempt to justify his platform of anti Muslim rhetoric and to present himself as having evolved from the thug of his EDL/ex convict days into an activist rather than a hater.

Unfortunately for Tommy all the white washing (pun intended) in the world cannot hide the fact that this man is a racist, bigoted hater with a personal agenda against the Muslims living in our country.

We have collected a selection of Tommy’s tweets – all of which are genuine and not photoshopped or altered in any way – to illustrate plainly what kind of man he is and to clearly demonstrate the contempt he displays for his fellow human beings.

It doesn’t matter how many times he attempts to reinvent himself, his history as an individual who attempts to cause division and disunity for his own personal gain will always follow him.

Roanna is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate. She is the author of the majority of our articles, and also publishes a blog on Huffington Post UK


7 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson and his Hate Tweets

    1. Malicious communications / inciting racial hatred. It’s any number of offences.

  1. Malicious communications / inciting racial hatred. It’s any number of offences.

  2. Can you provide the references to where you obtained these screenshots please or the originals?

      1. Are we to take your word on these not being doctored? Without proof these are the originals, can we authenticate these with a source reference please?

        1. You are entitled to believe or not believe as you see fit. However a Google search will yield the source of the tweets if you are interested. Type “Tommy Robinson hate tweets” into a search under Google Images and then you can access the originals individually and cross reference the source material. I am confident that the source of every single one of our tweets can be verified and that all are original but I also agree it is important to check facts for yourself before believing them. So go ahead and do the research.

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