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Tommy Robinson and his Hate Tweets


Since Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) co published his anti Islam book “Mohammed’s Koran” with Peter McClaughlin he has been immersed in an attempt to justify his platform of anti Muslim rhetoric and to present himself as having evolved from the thug of his EDL/ex convict days into an activist rather than a hater.

Unfortunately for Tommy all the white washing (pun intended) in the world cannot hide the fact that this man is a racist, bigoted hater with a personal agenda against the Muslims living in our country.

We have collected a selection of Tommy’s tweets – all of which are genuine and not photoshopped or altered in any way – to illustrate plainly what kind of man he is and to clearly demonstrate the contempt he displays for his fellow human beings.

It doesn’t matter how many times he attempts to reinvent himself, his history as an individual who attempts to cause division and disunity for his own personal gain will always follow him.

Roanna is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate. She is the author of the majority of our articles, and also publishes a blog on Huffington Post UK


28 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson and his Hate Tweets

    1. Malicious communications / inciting racial hatred. It’s any number of offences.

    2. prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.
      preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience

      He is doing all in the definition, and you still think hes not racist?
      Why are you so ignorant, were you brought up like that?

  1. Malicious communications / inciting racial hatred. It’s any number of offences.

  2. Can you provide the references to where you obtained these screenshots please or the originals?

      1. Are we to take your word on these not being doctored? Without proof these are the originals, can we authenticate these with a source reference please?

        1. You are entitled to believe or not believe as you see fit. However a Google search will yield the source of the tweets if you are interested. Type “Tommy Robinson hate tweets” into a search under Google Images and then you can access the originals individually and cross reference the source material. I am confident that the source of every single one of our tweets can be verified and that all are original but I also agree it is important to check facts for yourself before believing them. So go ahead and do the research.

        2. You can not see the originals as he was removed from twitter for inciting hatred!!! Do you need anymore proof?

  3. Has the word hate changed its meaning recently? Because most of these tweets contain the truth. But I know, the truth is offensive to bloody idiots.

      1. Hi Roanna. While these tweets aren’t nice, I have to point out that Islam is an ideology, not a race.

        Repackaging objection to an ideology as racism is highly dishonest and a symptom of a wider left wing hypocrisy.

        Islam is an official religion in countries as racially varied as Nigeria, Dubai, Turkey and Indonesia.

        So which race is being unfairly prejudiced by anti-Islamic rhetoric?

        Is it racist when, for example, Ayaan Hirsi Ali (Somalian) or Maajid Nawaz (British Pakistani) criticise Islam?

        1. Agree Islam is not a race but look closely at the tweets, a lot of them are nothing to do with Islam and are just pure racism.

          1. When you’re forced to debate the nuances of a hate preacher who is funded by right wing parties, it’s time to ignore them. Are his comments addressed at all 1.5 billion Muslims? Yes. Are his comments hate filled? Yes. Is he a violent convicted criminal? Yes. Is he a violent misogynist? Yes. Did he attack a police officer? Yes.

    1. Funny how it’s not the truth but opinion.
      Funny how idiots don’t know they’re idiots yet they call people idiots.

  4. I’m afraid all you are doing is alleging these are true and unaltered tweets without presenting any proof. Unless you are prepared to do this your claims are unfounded. You do not offer anything in supportive proof indeed you simply refer people to an open ended and some what complex search of the internet. That’s not really good enough and proves nothing, detail all your sources.

  5. Yaxley-Lennon has been making racist comments for years. Why are people suddenly now trying to pretend he hasn’t done that?

  6. The fact that he could have used The bible instead of the Qur’an shows Tommy’s xenophobia – which goes against everything Great Britain stands for.
    Anti idiocy is not racism.
    Get rid of the idiots, keep the good people.

    1. Hellwyck ‘Get rid of the idiots, keep the good people’, isn’t this inciting genocide of a particular group of people? Sounds very similar to a section of a philosophy by many just 70-80 years ago…called Nazism!

  7. Hi, I’m not surprised by a lot of the tweets you have highlighted and they are thoroughly distasteful within polite society.

    I however must object to to the assertion Tommy Robinson is racist: there is nothing racist about these tweets – the very worst messages you could find published by Tommy Robinson.

    Arguably they may show him to be xenophobic, childish, rude etc. but certainly not racist.

    Fearing Islam and it’s growth in this country is not irrational if you know history and the understand the attitude some Muslims have as a consequence of their belief.

    Also it must be noted that Tommy Robinson is working class. I presume that you are middle class and therefore it’s not surprising that you find him to be vulgar and rude. While tommy should be held to the same high standard as you or I and everyone else, i think it is disingenuous and/or ignorant not to take his background and the culture in which he grew up into account when reading these tweets.

    I would like to shout out to all progressive Muslims resisting the extreme right wing Islamist ideology. You are the ones taking the greatest risk in standing up for what you believe and for the future of your religion.

    I would also like to publicly condemn all those who stay silent on the abuse of women and girls occurring in some Muslim communities here in Britain and abroad; we can see through you and understand what you really are, ignorant virtue signalling hypocrites.


  8. I do notice most of the tweets are 5-6 years old. Now i’m not defending Tommy by any means, but he has certainly toned down his politics and public persona somewhat. He left the EDL as it was infiltrated by Neo Nazis, so i do think he’s certainly not as extreme as he is painted by articles such as this. You can argue all you like if it’s genuine or not but people can and have the right to change. The populist nationalist movement is gathering speed, and it’s not the future i want, so the best way to tackle it is by challenging the issues they raise not the people raising them, it only devalues yourself and degenerates discussions into a barrage of insults.

  9. Ok… having combed through the old tweets of a working class man… how about pointing out the fact that all Muslims exalt a man who married a child in his fifties, personally led raiding parties on villages where were men’s wives and daughters taken as sex slaves, force converted and imposed the Jizya [a Mafia-like protection payment] on Christians if we refused to convert else face beheading while leaving no command to limit such abhorrent acts to his day… all recorded in the Qu’ran and his Hadith’s?

    What do you think about that, do you think that’s a bit unsavoury? Maybe you should create some screen shots of what Mohammed’s Tweets might have looked like, such as him in bed with his 9 year old bride while holding the severed head of his newest ninth wife’s ex-husband.

  10. not standing on either side of this argument but a quick 5 minutes looking at the twitter accounts used in this article they are fakes unfortunately so my opinion has been changed i did think he was a bit bigoted but i did admire the truth he says this page is just slander as the tweets where not verified to be the twitter of tommy himself

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