Tommy Robinson and his Hate Tweets


Since Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) co published his anti Islam book “Mohammed’s Koran” with Peter McClaughlin he has been immersed in an attempt to justify his platform of anti Muslim rhetoric and to present himself as having evolved from the thug of his EDL/ex convict days into an activist rather than a hater.

Unfortunately for Tommy all the white washing (pun intended) in the world cannot hide the fact that this man is a racist, bigoted hater with a personal agenda against the Muslims living in our country.

We have collected a selection of Tommy’s tweets – all of which are genuine and not photoshopped or altered in any way – to illustrate plainly what kind of man he is and to clearly demonstrate the contempt he displays for his fellow human beings.

It doesn’t matter how many times he attempts to reinvent himself, his history as an individual who attempts to cause division and disunity for his own personal gain will always follow him.

Roanna Carleton Taylor



  • How is any of this a hate crime? You may think they are rude, but not a crime.

    • Malicious communications / inciting racial hatred. It’s any number of offences.

    • prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.
      preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience

      He is doing all in the definition, and you still think hes not racist?
      Why are you so ignorant, were you brought up like that?

        • Hi Tim.

          The first important thing to note is that whether Tommy’s comments here are ‘racist’ or simply ‘hateful towards a large group of people with no adequate cause, based on stereotypes’ is somewhat irrelevant, as the content is equally as vile, stupid, and dangerous.

          The second important thing to be aware of is that just because Tommy never criticises ‘blacks’ or ‘browns’, but instead people from certain countries in the Middle East and people of a certain religion, this doesn’t mean that he isn’t racist or that the tweets aren’t racist.
          There’s a recognized political technique called ‘dog-whistling’ ( which, true to its name, utilises the ability to appear non-racist in order to hide racist sentiments. For example, someone who hates non-whites might not talk about a ‘black takeover’ but rather the ‘destruction of western civilization’ or, as is the case here, use Islam as a scapegoat to make very obviously racially-charged comment. Lee Atwater, a Republican strategist in the ’80s, recognised this.

          He said that: ‘You start out in 1954 by saying, “N*gger, n*gger, n*gger.” By 1968, you can’t say “n*gger” — that hurts you. Backfires. So you say stuff like forced busing, states’ rights and all that stuff. You’re getting so abstract now [that] you’re talking about cutting taxes, and all these things you’re talking about are totally economic things and a byproduct of them is [that] blacks get hurt worse than whites. And subconsciously maybe that is part of it. I’m not saying that. But I’m saying that if it is getting that abstract, and that coded, that we are doing away with the racial problem one way or the other. You follow me — because obviously sitting around saying, “We want to cut this,” is much more abstract than even the busing thing, and a hell of a lot more abstract than “N*gger, n*gger.”‘

          Anyway, I hope my point has been clearly made – a lack of obvious racial hatred doesn’t mean someone, or something, can’t be racist.

          • Hatred of people based on their religion is racism.

      • Where in this article did he state that his religion is superior? How is this not based on reason? He’s not racist because he hasn’t claimed his race to be supeior. In addition, Islam is not a race, it’s a religion. All he has done so far is show the rhetoric of islam and its believers. Are you sure that you are not ignorant, or have you been influenced by misleading information?

        • Islam being a race isn’t the issue. That isn’t the racist bit. The bit where he says P*** almost certainly is.

          There’s no reason to this either. He hates a religion and wants rid of it. That isn’t up to him, he isn’t important enough to decide who gets to stay and who gets to go. Especially if that decision is based upon something as trivial as what deity somebody kneels to.

        • He clearly judges the worth of a person by their racial looks (hook nose reference) and colour of skin.
          Racist in my book. Islamophobic definitely, both illegal, and he will assume any Middle Eastern look person is a Muslim.

        • He’s only showing a minority of Muslims in that perspective, not all Muslims are extremists, again a MINORITY! But that won’t fuel the propaganda

        • At last. A sensible comment in this snowflake toilet paper.

      • are people actually so stupid and misinformed they think islam is actually a race? i suspect this is the case.

    • Exactly. However the people who are in control of the narrative misinform society, regardless of political views. In the media today, wheather your on the right or the left, you will always show some of your biases.

    • Are you merely stupid or the first brain transplant donor? If the latter and I need a replacement at least I can count on yours. I hate having to take stuff that’s been used.

    • Yes rude and offensive but not racist or hate crime So I’ll google again. Examples of Tommy Robinson racist comments As Muslims or not a race ? Sectarian yes as he is against a religion but not racist ??

    • Robinson is the biggest Hypocrite bar none. He holds the bible up yet does he not realise that Mohammed copied most of the Koran from it?, so by believing in the Bible he is also believing in the Koran?!, He frothed at the mouth about grooming, rapes sexual assaults etc?, yet not so long ago he converted to Catholicism. Now this is the biggest load of hypocrisy of them all!, How many Choirboys , bell ringers, young clerks in the Vatican have Catholic Priests, Cardinals, etc have been sexually molested , raped, ?, this has been happening for centuries and centuries !!!. He needs to get his distorted facts straight, but he cannot do that he is so obsessed with his hatred . If this so called man had been around during WW2 he would have been strung up or put against a wall for treason, to think that my parents and millions of other men and women fought against Hitler’s extreme far right policies and beliefs only for other extreme racialists to appear again spouting the same disgusting vitriol is an absolute complete and scandalous situation. Fortunately sane and educated people govern this planet and will make sure that this racial hatred will never have enough power to make any difference whatsoever. Oh and if Robinson continues to publish his racial hatred propaganda he needs to get back to Remedial school and learn how to read and write properly, he’s a bigoted uneducated piece of Shite.

  • Malicious communications / inciting racial hatred. It’s any number of offences.

  • Can you provide the references to where you obtained these screenshots please or the originals?

      • Are we to take your word on these not being doctored? Without proof these are the originals, can we authenticate these with a source reference please?

        • You are entitled to believe or not believe as you see fit. However a Google search will yield the source of the tweets if you are interested. Type “Tommy Robinson hate tweets” into a search under Google Images and then you can access the originals individually and cross reference the source material. I am confident that the source of every single one of our tweets can be verified and that all are original but I also agree it is important to check facts for yourself before believing them. So go ahead and do the research.

          • Most people who have followed Tommy Robinson for years know which of those tweets are real and which are fake. Most are photoshopped or created using the fake twitter creation tools available at the time (and now . You know this, as even back then, Twitter would have banned him for them. They didn’t. They banned him for quoting statistics directly from the Quilliam report.

            The ‘fit for a muslim’ type of tweets are real. The only problem is the girl, Aisianish, was 26 at the time, not 15 as she claimed.

        • You can not see the originals as he was removed from twitter for inciting hatred!!! Do you need anymore proof?

          • Hatred or not, he should be taken off a platform that supposedly defends free speech. People have free will of saying what they want to say. People ALSO have free will to dismay his statements.

          • Hate speech isn’t free speech though is it. Hate speech leads to radicalisation, to violence to abuse. How is that free?


  • Has the word hate changed its meaning recently? Because most of these tweets contain the truth. But I know, the truth is offensive to bloody idiots.

    • Which of the hate tweets specifically do you feel is Yaxley Lennon ‘telling the truth’?

      • Hi Roanna. While these tweets aren’t nice, I have to point out that Islam is an ideology, not a race.

        Repackaging objection to an ideology as racism is highly dishonest and a symptom of a wider left wing hypocrisy.

        Islam is an official religion in countries as racially varied as Nigeria, Dubai, Turkey and Indonesia.

        So which race is being unfairly prejudiced by anti-Islamic rhetoric?

        Is it racist when, for example, Ayaan Hirsi Ali (Somalian) or Maajid Nawaz (British Pakistani) criticise Islam?

        • Agree Islam is not a race but look closely at the tweets, a lot of them are nothing to do with Islam and are just pure racism.

          • When you’re forced to debate the nuances of a hate preacher who is funded by right wing parties, it’s time to ignore them. Are his comments addressed at all 1.5 billion Muslims? Yes. Are his comments hate filled? Yes. Is he a violent convicted criminal? Yes. Is he a violent misogynist? Yes. Did he attack a police officer? Yes.

        • Google Tommy Robinson tweets, go to image search and you will see all the tweets of his racism.

        • Arnold Peterson, what do you know about him assaulting a police officer?

    • Funny how it’s not the truth but opinion.
      Funny how idiots don’t know they’re idiots yet they call people idiots.

  • I’m afraid all you are doing is alleging these are true and unaltered tweets without presenting any proof. Unless you are prepared to do this your claims are unfounded. You do not offer anything in supportive proof indeed you simply refer people to an open ended and some what complex search of the internet. That’s not really good enough and proves nothing, detail all your sources.

  • Yaxley-Lennon has been making racist comments for years. Why are people suddenly now trying to pretend he hasn’t done that?

  • The fact that he could have used The bible instead of the Qur’an shows Tommy’s xenophobia – which goes against everything Great Britain stands for.
    Anti idiocy is not racism.
    Get rid of the idiots, keep the good people.

    • Hellwyck ‘Get rid of the idiots, keep the good people’, isn’t this inciting genocide of a particular group of people? Sounds very similar to a section of a philosophy by many just 70-80 years ago…called Nazism!

    • No-one cares about the Bible as it’s not taken so literally like the Quran. where do you see Christians fighting for rights to marry prepubescent kids or stockpiling weapons in churches? Our focus should be on Islam as Islam is a threat.

      • There are many examples of all religions being abused by an extremist hardcore. Christianity is most certainly among them.

  • Hi, I’m not surprised by a lot of the tweets you have highlighted and they are thoroughly distasteful within polite society.

    I however must object to to the assertion Tommy Robinson is racist: there is nothing racist about these tweets – the very worst messages you could find published by Tommy Robinson.

    Arguably they may show him to be xenophobic, childish, rude etc. but certainly not racist.

    Fearing Islam and it’s growth in this country is not irrational if you know history and the understand the attitude some Muslims have as a consequence of their belief.

    Also it must be noted that Tommy Robinson is working class. I presume that you are middle class and therefore it’s not surprising that you find him to be vulgar and rude. While tommy should be held to the same high standard as you or I and everyone else, i think it is disingenuous and/or ignorant not to take his background and the culture in which he grew up into account when reading these tweets.

    I would like to shout out to all progressive Muslims resisting the extreme right wing Islamist ideology. You are the ones taking the greatest risk in standing up for what you believe and for the future of your religion.

    I would also like to publicly condemn all those who stay silent on the abuse of women and girls occurring in some Muslim communities here in Britain and abroad; we can see through you and understand what you really are, ignorant virtue signalling hypocrites.


  • I do notice most of the tweets are 5-6 years old. Now i’m not defending Tommy by any means, but he has certainly toned down his politics and public persona somewhat. He left the EDL as it was infiltrated by Neo Nazis, so i do think he’s certainly not as extreme as he is painted by articles such as this. You can argue all you like if it’s genuine or not but people can and have the right to change. The populist nationalist movement is gathering speed, and it’s not the future i want, so the best way to tackle it is by challenging the issues they raise not the people raising them, it only devalues yourself and degenerates discussions into a barrage of insults.

  • I like how it says “building bridges” at the top of this article.

  • Ok… having combed through the old tweets of a working class man… how about pointing out the fact that all Muslims exalt a man who married a child in his fifties, personally led raiding parties on villages where were men’s wives and daughters taken as sex slaves, force converted and imposed the Jizya [a Mafia-like protection payment] on Christians if we refused to convert else face beheading while leaving no command to limit such abhorrent acts to his day… all recorded in the Qu’ran and his Hadith’s?

    What do you think about that, do you think that’s a bit unsavoury? Maybe you should create some screen shots of what Mohammed’s Tweets might have looked like, such as him in bed with his 9 year old bride while holding the severed head of his newest ninth wife’s ex-husband.

    • The amusement of seeing someone challenge screenshots of text on a screen in 2018 and at the same time using text from a book written 1500 years ago to create a narrative.
      I wonder.. Are you a Christian, Karl Munford?
      You seem to believe what is written in the Quran to be true. So surely you can not believe in the bible.

      • The koran doesnt need to be true it just needs to be believed to be true, the believers are muslims and they follow the sunnah (example of mohammed) if you need to get an idea of how mohammeds sunnah plays out then look at isis, or al quaeda, al nujra, there have been 34000 islamic terrorist attacks since 9/11, not all muslims are this devout but their silence about these atrocities is deafening The silence of British elites is expected but the silence of the working class who will have to put up with this aggresive ideology both now and increasingly in the future is suicidal, Tommy rightly seeks to inform them about this pernicious ideology/religion.
        Islam is an ideology/religion that promotes seperation and bigotry and eventual hegemony through force if required, to highlight this is not bigotry. Tommy doesnt believe the revelations in the koran but he does know the atrocities that are referenced in the koran attributed to mohammed, and that the example of mohammed is the perfect example for muslims.
        If you are resisting hate how about this for hate “Christians and Jews are the worst of creatures”. Its all over the koran so can I expect a piece on the koran and the hatred of the “kuffar” within islamic communities, you could start with Rotherham etc….

        • Ha ha You Fox News watching inbred, isis, al Qaeda, nusrs front, are all funded & trained, by the policeman of the west ( or the world maybe) along with others who’s only interest is the control of resources and the danger of losing out on them. Do some research you twit, and stop believing everything the papers tell you. Isis cross borders, armed to the teeth with shiny new weaponry and brand new 4 x 4’s driven by men who haven’t had a decent meal or a job in along time, figure it out.

          • during the wests colonial imperialist conquests of so called savage lands condeming all natives as barbarians many yarns were spun invented lies to justify their brutul unjust inhumane actions often to plunder pilage vital resources to meet theit own needs the 21st century is no differant foregn policy agendas foreign aid the so called commonwealth isis alqaida , inventions prodigies created ffunded supplied by covert western interests in porder to create disorder which justifies sanitizes the need for the orderly white man of the west to go back into areas lands to re colonize on pre text of bringin order and rule while we siphon off the goods resources that clealry we would otherwise be not able to attain or at a price or agreement which we are not able to accept

  • not standing on either side of this argument but a quick 5 minutes looking at the twitter accounts used in this article they are fakes unfortunately so my opinion has been changed i did think he was a bit bigoted but i did admire the truth he says this page is just slander as the tweets where not verified to be the twitter of tommy himself

  • Reading through these comments shows hope is lost. If people do not understand that whether it’s technically xenophobic or racist really is not the point.

    If you replaced the references to Muslims, with references to black people it would almost certainly be classed as racist.

    Here in lies more discrimination as people here seem absolutely fine if with the same vile and disgusting hate speech when its targeted at Muslims.

    Ok. You want to argue on a linguistic technicality. You win. He is not a racist.

    He is a lot worse.

  • You lot do realise that calling Tommy Robinson a bigot because you don’t like his views makes you a bigot don’t you?

    • No. We criticise people for the way they behave toward others. Robinson abuses people for who they are. There is a distinct difference.

      • Will you criticise thousands of pakistani muslims for raping little white girls?

        Didn’t think so. I looked at your site where Stefan Molyneux, Lauren Southern, Pat Condell, Milo Yiannopolous and others are slandered and called racists, far right etc. All lies. The chances of you posting genuine tweets or being objective about Tommy Robinson are very small

        • All rapists are scum, there is no ambiguity about that.
          Why are you only concerned about Muslim rapists and ‘little white girls’? Do you not care about non-white victims? Do non-muslim perpetrators deserve a second chance?
          You are exactly the problem. You are racist.

  • Why can we call an Australian an “Ausie?” A Newzealander a “Kiwi?” “A Scottish person, a “Jock?” A person from the UK, a “Brit?” but you can’t call a person from Pakistan a “Paki?” The others don’t take umbrage at that, so why do the “Pakis?”

    • This is a very interesting question and one we will be exploring in a future article.
      Short answer – words pick up associations and nuances. In the case of the p word it has been used as a racial slur so often that the racism cannot be separated from any usage of the word.

      • Bollocks. I’ve hung out with loads of Pakistani’s who frequently use the ‘Paki’ word. Hell I once drove a coach full of 30 British Paki kids banging on windows at white folks and shouting ‘Paki’s rule, Paki’s rule!’ We all like to have a laugh don’t we?! Get over it.

  • What a load of shit using fake unverified social media accounts to suit your agenda you lying pieces of shit!!

  • First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a socialist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

  • You only have to watch his documentary #panodrama to see how easy it is to fake text messages. If it’s that easy to do with texts it can easily done with fake profiles on social media. I don’t agree with some things he does, but one thing you can rely on is what he says can be backed up with facts, It seems this day and age the truth is now classed as a hate crime, and the far left groups can’t even be bothered with fact checking, just going by what the mainstream media say, WHICH has been proven they lie and can’t be trusted….. watch “Panodrama” to see how the media and establishment are lying to the public.

  • I was trying to find well rounded opinions of Tommy Robinson to form one of my own. After reading through this bullshit article and many others online, I’ve come to the conclusion that Mr Robinson is neither homophobic, racist or bigoted. He has balls though – like Trump and for that I admire him.

  • He is a racist according to his tweets about Pakistan and Pakistani people.. He is talking about smell from Pakistani people. I think, Indians, Arabic, Africans and even English have their own body smell. You just can not get rid of it. Putting too much perfume does not indicate that you do not give any smell of alcohol!! Second, it is a joke that a librarian gave him Quran. If he says Quran has content about killing, murdering or whatever.. Please say it with a reference from Quran.. Otherwise anybody can say anything!!

  • Hate speech is free speech. You’re basically “resisting” Tommy Robinson’s rights as a citizen. Good grief!

  • So uh.. even if these tweets can be substantiated, none of them depict incitement of violence against a protected minority. I can’t speak for any of his other content. It’s perfectly legal to express racism and bigotry, and I happen to prefer it that way. At least it’s out in the open and you can identify it easily. I understand the threat that hate poses to a diversifying society, but I don’t think silencing hate speech (that isn’t directly inciting violence) is going to solve anything. It’ll only make it harder to identify and resist. Tommy may be morally wrong according to modern values, but I don’t think he should be prosecuted. Instead of villifying racism/bigotry, we should be working to understand it so that we can protest it effectively, and change it. You don’t villify cancer, you diagnose it and establish methodology to treat it. Silencing hate is only going to drive it deeper down and make it harder to fight. Maybe paying attention to the things he says, why he says them, and when he’s right is ultimately in everyone’s best interest. Just because someone is racist doesn’t make everything they say incorrect by default.

  • Why was he only bothered about Muslims accused of rape and not anyone else and then jeopardised the whole case by trying to post it to social media?

  • Ha ha Tommy Got it in the Bummy Jii g Haard cryin for his mommy they all splatterd him with jizz an cummyyyy no where to run to hide they streched his tiny weiner an plugged it in his mouth an he sucked on it as a dummy

  • Questionable action. Because he was surrounded by the type of people who he criticises throughout his childhood and teenage years, his own cousin was terrible abused by them, he speaks about them because he knows about them and many were not being brought to justice. He posted it to social media because those involved were out on bail and had been for twelve months, walking the streets . He was trying to warn the parents of other children in an attempt to protect them. The judge said he did not jeopardise the case,they had already been found guilty and were attending court to hear their sentence, he caused distress and alarm to the accused when he spoke to them outside court. He was mannerly to them, they were extremely rude to him and threatened terrible things to his wife and mother.

    • Robinson is only interested in tackling paedophiles who are either Asian or Muslim. This is prejudice.
      He has covered up paedophilia in the EDL when it suited him.

      Don’t try to imply Robinson has any kind of moral agenda. He is a money grabbing little grifter who begs for a living instead of getting off his idle backside and getting a job like the rest of us.

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