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The Times Expose ‘Racist’ UKIP Member Carl Benjamin


In the latest shock expose of the new influx of far right extremists into the UKIP political party which is fast becoming a organisation that has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with hate, Carl Benjamin, better known as You Tube vlogger Sargon of Akkad has been shown to be a vitriolic troll resorting to abuse and racism.

This is the article from The Time reproduced in full with no annotation. Full credit to author 

An internet troll who has accused opponents of “acting like a bunch of n******” and sent a rape tweet to the Labour MP Jess Phillips has addressed activists at the Ukip party conference.

Carl Benjamin, 39, who uses the alias Sargon of Akkad, is a political commentator who has gained nearly 850,000 subscribers on YouTube by making videos criticising feminism, Islam and political correctness. He joined Ukip in June as part of the party’s attempt to attract younger, internet-savvy supporters.

Benjamin addressed the Ukip conference in Birmingham on Friday via a video message shown on the main stage, in which he said he had joined the party to defend British liberty against “communists in our universities, Islamists in our northern towns, and censorious MPs”.

He is also due to appear in person at the party’s youth conference on November 10.

Benjamin’s role raises new questions about the direction Ukip is taking under leader Gerard Batten, who came under fire from Nigel Farage last week for his support of the English Defence League founder convicted fraudster Stephen Yaxley-Lennon.

Benjamin gained notoriety in 2016 when he was accused of instigating a misogynistic trolling campaign against the Labour MP for Birmingham Yardley. “I wouldn’t even rape you” he tweeted at Phillips, prompting a deluge of threatening tweets against her, including rape and death threats from his followers. He has since been banned from Twitter.

In a live stream recorded in February, Benjamin appeared to lose his temper at one viewer’s comment.

“You are acting like a bunch of n******, just so you know. You act like white n******,” he said. Benjamin insisted his comments had been taken out of context.

He has enjoyed a good relationship with Batten, appearing alongside the Ukip leader at the European parliament this month and interviewing him on his YouTube channel.

Caroline Jones, the Welsh assembly member who quit the party on Wednesday over her opposition to the party’s lurch to the “far right” under Batten, said Farage would never have allowed Benjamin to join the party. “There were standards then,” she said.

Ukip said Batten had invited Benjamin to speak at a panel on the EU as a “subject matter expert” and that he was not an official party representative. “He’s said some distasteful things in the past, but the vast bulk of what he says is very sensible,” a party spokesman said.



35 thoughts on “The Times Expose ‘Racist’ UKIP Member Carl Benjamin

  1. This is a personl defamation why dont you watch some of his work instead of taking what he says out of context. Sargon is a Liberatarian who belives in freedom of speech and freedom of oppurtunity. This will only turn more people against the msm.

  2. He isn’t a racist. There is years of his youtube content going back forever and if you actually took the time to watch ANY of it you would see that he’s a CENTRIST, not far right and NOT a racist. Just saying the “n word” doesn’t make you a racist you know – otherwise a lot of black people would be racists! You MUST take into account context in which the thing was said and WHY. But you won’t do that will you. I bet this comment won’t even get through your agenda filter will it. I will have a bloody aneurysm if it does!

    1. Nice apologism there! Carl Benjamin is a cretin of the highest order and veers far to the right of mere centrism whether he knows it or not. Carl of Swindon isn’t one of the worst youtube shitlords but he is part of society’s cancer nonetheless.

    2. FFS! You clearly don’t even understand the complex race issue so your comments are nonsense. People of colour can say the n word because they are reclaiming it – taking the power away from racist (white and privileged) abuse. Saying the n word is racist. End of. It is degrading and as a white person (probably male and middle aged) you clearly have little or no understanding of the privilege you have…and ignorantly abuse it.

    1. And? Bobbie Fischer was both a Jew and a massive anti-Semite. I am not saying that Carl of Swindon is actually racist personally but he does pander to racist imbeciles.

    2. No, he’s not mixed race. Have you seen his parents? They’re the whitest white folk I’ve ever seen.

  3. I just wanted to say. This post has brought me so much happiness! My boy got his first hit piece, and boy did you guys do a great job! Thank you for this.

  4. Ironically enough, Benjamin did say he’d be taken out of context…in his email reply to the author of this hit piece, which he posted in full two days ago on multiple platforms.

    Strange how that works, isn’t it!

  5. Dear “The Times”, shame on you for publishing this biased, post-modernist tripe

  6. Do you people any sort of meaningful research or are you like all the other fake news outlets? I will be honest, you are not a reliable source of information and everything you have listed as “evidence” can be refuted quite easily.
    It sickens me to see you have no journalistic integrity and simply cherry-picked comments then took them out of context to push your biased ideological narrative.

    1. We are not journalists and we did not write the article. Read before commenting. We clearly state we reproduced the piece from The Times in full.

  7. You copied Jamie Macwhirter’s shoddy work. Macwhirter calls Karl Benjamin aka Sargon of Akkad, a “‘Racist’ troll.” Quote marks have a purpose, so exactly who is Macwhirter quoting? Himself?!? Second, context matters. Labour MP Jess Phillips has repeatedly claimed that she has received rape threats (while never producing evidence of same). In response, Benjamin said “I wouldn’t even rape you.” A bad joke, unquestionably. Offensive to some, perhaps. But it’s not a “rape tweet” (see, that’s how you use quotation marks properly), whatever in the world that is. It’s an anti-rape tweet, if anything, since it explains precisely what Benjamin won’t do, i.e. sexually assault Phillips. Lastly, Benjamin’s churlish response about rape to Phillips has absolutely nothing – and let me repeat this so that you understand it clearly – absolutely nothing to do with the claim that Benjamin is a racist. If I claim you beat your dog, I should provide evidence of that. But if in the process of doing so I remark how you also cheat on your taxes, that is a completely unrelated claim. And it was intellectually dishonest and malicious of me to even bring up the tax issue. Of does Resisting Hate approve of the scattershot approach of demonizing one’s intellectual opponents?

    1. Funny that Carl admits he has a penchant for raping people; “I wouldn’t EVEN rape you”. Have fun defending this shitlord who cannot even read the sources he uses!

  8. UKIP does seen like the only party that believes in free speech and against overpopulation of illegal immigrants and migrants who refuse to integrate properly while getting special treatment from labour and Tories. I honestly do believe UKIP’s intentions are honest and worthwhile, however I refuse to support them as long as this Sargon fella is there, after looking him up he only joined the party to have a platform to attack women and asinine topics that even Nigel Firage has face palmed at. There is also videos of him online defending pedophiles and groomers such as Amos Yee, not to mention calling his critics that call him out on exploiting people as “acting like a bunch of ni**ers” and “white ni**ers”. There is a secret recording of a UKIP spokesman talking to Carl where it’s revealed he joined the party just for attention and had no intention of canvassing for the party, only to benefit his ego and gain more popularity to his channel. Carl Benjamin is a fraud, someone that likes to believe he is important but all bark and no bite.

    1. I agree with most of what yo say, but I am not sure about any honesty or sincerity from UKIP as they attract the like of Carl Benjamin all too often and many of their members are caught out being racist. As a libertarian (in the traditional and not US sense), I think all the parties are fundamentally full of it.

      Yeah, Benamin is a fraud seeking to enrich himself by exploiting his moronic fanbase. Not only that but he twists facts and figures into unbelievable shapes to support his obviously odious agenda. He never even fully reads the sources he uses… and yet he still rakes in the cash for online idiots.

  9. The reason media is dying is articles like this. Everything cherry picked and taken out of context all for smear.

    Patreon pay for this?

    Hope you can code.

  10. This is an absurd “hit piece” by any standards. Anyone who knows the man, or has followed his work will glean in five minutes that he holds classical liberal views, and he’s certainly no racist? Seriously? What has happened to the integrity of journalism these day? They are no longer journalists, rather political activists. Shocking

  11. Thank goodness young Carl wasn’t no platformed. We can see for ourselves what a twit (sic) he is.

  12. Him being a pedo support is far worse, it’s a shame his fans defend what he said in the number of videos/livestreams he did on the subject just because people have merged many of the quotes into one fake quote and that one fake tweet which went around of him asking for child porn, which doesn’t change the fact he is still pro child rape “depending on the child”.

    Also that whole blaming feminism for Elliot Rogers video he did was beyond crazy, but what do you expect from a 9/11 truther .

  13. You are very stupid if you think people will buy this. We can see what CB actually says. He’s socially conservative and a libertarian – but not a racist. The ‘quote’ is totally misleading. He used the phrase in scare quotes whilst arguing with some genuine nazis, making the point that they were completely incoherent as well as offensive. 1/10 for investigative journalism. 0 for ethics.

  14. Carl a racist? Have any of you even watched his videos. There are legitimate issues to criticize Carl over but racist isn’t one of them. You can tell him his joke was bad but trying to twist it into him being a rape apologist. Unbelieveable! People who refuse to view his work and see it in context are the ones falling for this nonsense. Don’t trust the MSM and look for yourselves.

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