The Hopkins Hate Archive


We have put together a collection of the worst of Katie Hopkins tweets in an archive to support our campaign to remove her platforms on social media. We will regularly update.



  • She blocked me on twitter for calling her Hatie Plopkins and asking if she knew of any good dogging sites……free speech huh ?

  • Ok, I’ll give you Ms. Hopkins is a bit abrasive but some things need to be said and she says them. The UK is a shell of its former self. Sometimes I think all you self-loathing white Brit liberals should just get on with it and hand over your whole island to the jihadi radicals and the other legion of migrants who would sooner spit in your face than respect you. To me, you’re a bunch of pitiable ankle-grabbers and pillow-biters.

    • She put on a niqab, pretended to be a Muslim lady and danced around on video mocking a British citizen.
      I do not call that a bit abrasive. I call that hate speech.

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