Mike Cernovich


Mike Cernovich is a far right media pal of Internet conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and regularly appears on his radio show. He considers himself to be a political commentator but is more interested in establishing a far right media base than reporting independent or accurate content. Cernovich openly acknowledges his primary tactic to build his brand has been internet trolling.

Cernovich first came to public attention with his influence in the mysogynistic Gamergate which morphed into a wider ‘Manosphere’. These fledgling (discredited) movements of male supremacy brought him into contact with Milo Yiannapolous and other high profile alt right figures.

Cernovich’s mysoginistic controversies include victim blaming the victims of date rape by commenting that “regret isn’t rape” and tweeting that: “A whore will let her friend ruin your life with a false rape case. So why should I care when women are raped?”

In 2016 during the Presidential campaign, Cernovich was instrumental in spreading fake news related to the ‘Pizzagate’ scandal. This was the well publicised lie that various members of the Democratic party were involved in child trafficking from a pizza parlour in Washington DC. The aim was to discredit high ranking officials including the Democratic Presidential candidate Hilary Clinton.

Cernovich went on to tell further lies about Clinton, claiming she suffered from Parkinson’s disease and calling into question her fitness to be President. Wikipedia states that these tweets were seen more than 100 million times.

After it became apparent that Cernovich would never be taken seriously in the journalist world, he shifted his focus from politics to philosophy and has started a life coaching practice.


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