Paul Nehlen


Paul Nehlan is a well known American white supremacist with far right views. He first came to the attention of the wider community in 2016 when he campaigned to be the Republican Party electoral candidate. His campaign was generally considered to be a non-starter with even the right wing Breitbart publication failing to back him.

Initially Nehlan was an early supporter of Donald Trump but this support soon gave way to animosity when he publicly accused Trump of being a ‘cuck.’

Nehlan was one of the first to adopt the pithy but trite slogan ‘It’s Ok to be White’ which is associated with the Neo Nazi movement on both sides of the Atlantic. He also posted an antisemitic tweet with the phrasing “The goyim know.”  It is also believed that he posted graphic pictures of decomposing and burned bodies with captions relating to the victims of the Holocaust.

Nehlan also contacted the Washington Post to confirm that: “I reject being called a White Supremacist, because clearly Pro-White isn’t White Supremacy unless Pro-Jewish is Jewish Supremacy.”

In early 2018 Nehlan was suspended from Twitter after doctoring an image of Meghan Markle in a racist context. (Resisting Hate were actively reporting him, as were many other antifascist groups.)

Nehlan hit the headlines again later that year when he went on the radio show of notorious (ex) Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke and claimed that immigrants approaching Donald Trump’s border wall “be treated as an enemy combatant. Man, woman or child…”

The Wikipedia further states:

In a discussion with neo-nazi Patrick Little on an alt-right podcast, Nehlen formally endorsed genocide. He is quoted as saying he wouldn’t be “opposed to somebody … leadin’ a million Robert Bowers to the promised land.”

Unfortunately for Nehlen his racist views were too extreme even for the Republicans and his political aspirations were soundly quashed. He has since been disavowed by the Republican party. In the wake of his increasingly vile social media posts (many of which contained Holocaust Denial) Nehlan has been consigned to the status of obscure internet provocateur, mindlessly spewing racism on largely dormant media platforms.


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