LGBT “P” Is Not Genuine


It has come to our attention recently that a group of people are using social media to try and undermine the LGBT movement by claiming to be part of a wider “LGBTP” group. The P (they claim) stands for Paedophilia and the group put out messages campaigning for the ‘rights of paedophiles to find love with children’. They make inflammatory comments about paedophiles having the right to actualise their love and make ludicrous comparisons between paedophiles and homosexuals.

This is of course absolute nonsense and has nothing to do with the genuine LGBT community who are certainly not campainging for the rights of paedophiles. No credible LGBT group of whom we know have any intention at all of adding a ‘P’ to promote paedophile rights. This is nothing more than an attempt to discredit the good work of pro LGBT activists who fight for equal rights and education for the gay and transgender communities.

(There are some groups who use a ‘P’ to support the pansexual community. Pansexuals find love indiscriminative of gender or gender identity. They are nothing at all to do with paedophiles. Groups using the P for this purpose are perfectly legitimate).

There are groups who do genuinely seek to support non offending paedophiles. This is done through rehabilitation and psychological guidance. It is never done through promoting the ‘right’ of any adult to harm or sexualise a child.┬áIf you see anybody claiming to support legitimate abuse of a minor by an adult we strongly urge you to contact your local police or report on the government child abuse awareness site.

We will continue to monitor the #LGBTP and #HeartProgress hashtags on Twitter and report offenders as we find them.

Resisting Hate



  • Funny then that I found dozens of paedophiles on Facebook claiming just what you say is a fiction dreamed up by opponents of homosexuals. They all seemed scarily genuine to me, one threatening me with getting banned if I insulted him again, and he had 50+ ‘friends’. So, nice try, but the simple LG which only the bigotted could object to, has been gradually expanding; B for bisexual despite this being a mere lifestyle choice by narcissists, then the ludicrous and iumaginary T for transgender, which is actuall;y a mental condition called body dysphoria, turned into a campaign issue by gender activists with no knowledge of biology or psychiatry. Transvestites have always existed, none ever imagined they were really women trapped in a male body.
    If you are resaisting hate, try to stick withg facts, science, rationality and not political activism’s pet issues doubtless forged in some gender studies departm,ent in California, where all ludicrous ideas seem to emanate from.
    I don’t hate ‘trans’ fantasists, I consider them victims at best, and at worst as self-publicising narcissists [Bruce Janner] and perverts who want to inhabit women’s lavatories. It would help if you weren’t part of this ‘inclusive movement’ which appears to have no intelligent basis but to be obsessively to do with a social club ‘in drab disguise, outsiders they can freely criticise’.

    • You sound like an expert on pretty much everybody else in the world. Must be great!

    • The issue here is *consent*. Kids don’t yet understand the full implications of sex and also can be manipulated by adults, who have more power. That’s why paedophilia is not the same as homosexuality. Bisexuals and trans folk do exist, just becausr you don’t get it doesn’t mean they don’t. You din’t have to understand it…
      Neither has anything to do with abusing people who can’t give consent. It’s really simple if you look at it. Or do you not think everyone involved in sex genuinely understanding and wanting it is the important thing here?

    • If you think that Transgender people do not exist and we are nothing more than mentally disturbed or are only going through all that we have to go through to be called a “narcissist” or “Pervert wanting to get into women’s lavatories” then you need to work on getting YOUR facts straight because if you were to call this fully transgendered (Transsexual) woman a pervert or narcissist you may wish that you never had.
      You have Zero knowledge of Biology or Psychiatry and it is your primordial education that prevents you from learning anything that may help you to actually understand.
      I for one will never support any type of legalization of any form of pedophilia. Demonstrating or taking action against it would be my choice of action.

      • Totally agree with you. Nobody chooses to change sex just to use a different bathroom. Unfortunately the haters that started this whole ‘P’ campaign are doing it with the sole intention of causing trouble for the LGBT community. Anybody with a brain knows that gay and transgender people do not endorse paedophilia as part of the LGBT movement but sadly these propaganda homophobia and transphobic spouting haters are hoping that idiots will fall for their lies and smear tactics.

      • The main reason most LGBT people justify their preference to the rest of society that do not accept their ( perverse sexual preferences to the established society) is to say “born this WAY”
        i find your sexual preferences as repulsive as you find mine, but will not judge you for them. Kindly respect mine, as I was also born this way.

    • That fact that you could not type, spell, or use grammar properly compleatly discredits every thing you claimed. If you are not smart enough to correctly respond, then you have no basis to make your complaints on. Unless English isn’t your first language, if that’s the case, I’m sorry to assume things about you.

    • A balanced view, even if I dont fully agree…the fact that one can BE “bisexual” as you describe it is evidence that one can choose to engage (and thus NOT to engage) in homosexual acts, thus undermining tne propaganda narrative that homosexuals do so because they were “born that way and can’t help it” and it’s just an expression of identity. And “pansexual” just means you don’t care how you get off as long as you get off, best termed a “degenerate”.

      If you think about it any fucking thing you do is an “expression of identity”, including acting like an asshole…because one IS an asshole.

  • Meanwhile the psychiatrist association is looking to ban pedophilia from the list of mental disorders. Instead thinking it might be a preference like being hetero or gay

  • I hope and pray that no matter what race or gender you identify with … That ALL HUMANS FIGHT AGAINST PEDOPHILIA AND PROTECT CHILDREN FROM PEDO’s

    Any sane human knows sexualizing children /fantasizing about children /molesting children / is a criminal act never to be defended or promoted.

    • Bitch you’re saying fantasies and fucking molesting are the same thing bitch they’re 2 different things

      • No we are not. What a person fantasises about is their own business. It only becomes the business of society if they act upon it.

  • Thank you . Of course I knew this in my heart of hearts but I would be so pissed off if I were a gay / transgender parent and saw these types of things. Love for our children supersedes any other love you have ever known and that love comes with a deep desire to protect and safeguard their childhoods and preserve their innocence. Allowing them the freedom to make their own choices as adults free from past traumas of childhood sexualization. Even as a straight mom i had conversations w my son when he was little about no one ever touching his private parts and I used to include my own boyfriends / partners in that conversation and say if ” daddy or so and so ever touched you in your private areas you would have to let me know” it used to make certain men so uncomfortable . But this is why being a parent supersedes all other relationships and roles. The truest Minority are the ones that have no voice and cannot speak up for themselves. That being children. Regardless of gender preference we as EMOTIONALLY HEALTHY & SANE adults must band together to protect them from adults that are disturbed and mean to do them harm

  • #loveisageless is another hashtag they have hijacked (from a campaign to adopt older pets), FYI.

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