Katie Hopkins – Hate Tweets


Katie Hopkins has the responsible job of being employed by the UK press. The manner in which she conducts herself in this job, both in her column at the Daily Mail and on her talk show at LBC are often border line offensive and discriminatory. However it is her personal Twitter account where the hate really shines through.

The tweets below represent just a very small selection of the personal hate views Mrs Hopkins has expressed through her tweeting. She has used the privilege of her position to attack women, mothers, people with weight issues, people with disabilities, Muslims, migrants, children and for no apparent reason – the Scottish.

We do not believe this is acceptable behaviour for a woman in her role and would ask our readers if they feel the same way to contact @DailyMailUK and @LBC to share your thoughts with them.




  • There is no point in contacting either they are simply tools of the populist parts of society formed by a rabble gathered by Murdoch’s press and the government which he owns in the UK. The proportion of populists is growing due to anyone with any decency or different intelligence who dares to raise an opposition of any type to them. It is a simple case of divide and rule the nation – they are simply adding to the great divide which used to be class/money it is now the experts and non right wing who are villified in the media – they will be burning books next.

  • I reported her to @LBC who told me quite firmly that Ms Hopkins ‘owns’ her own views and I should contact her directly via her website. No words really.

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