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Jonaya, based in Manchester, is another one of the far right wannabe journalists who believes that the only requirement for journalism is owning a phone with a camera.

Jonaya is not a high profile figure on the right but she is known for her pursuit of legal action against the police.

In 2017 Jonaya took umbrage when (as the Clarion project reports)

A police officer in the UK has threatened a young woman that he will pressure her university to withdraw her acceptance over a comment she made on social media about Islamist terrorism.

Jonaya called the email from Newcastle Campus officer PC Mohammed Khan threatening and complained it was unfair based on the fact she had posted ‘one tweet’ expressing an opinion

Looking at Jonaya’s tweet history and social media presence it was very much not one tweet. She actively shares and creates far right content on a regular basis.

According to Robert Spencer (of the far right hate site Jihad Watch) Jonaya never speaks about Muslims

Well yes she does Spencer. Or did you not bother to do any research?

Resisting Hate reported on the incident when Jonaya claimed to have been called the racial slur a ‘house n**ger.’ The footage from the event did not support her claim.

Fast forward to 2019 and Jonaya once again is at odds with the police. These time she has made the allegation that she has been assaulted by the police.

She has set up a petition. But as usual it has failed to break out of the far right echo chamber.


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  • Hello Jonaya,

    The suitably qualified, who are not at all linked to vaccine companies or government agendas debunk the covid narrative including even showing how silly the method that is used to isolate and prove a virus is. (patient samples mixed with animal material, questionable results).

    In 2016 Dr Stefan Lanka, Virologist, won a Supreme court case where his opponent, armed with the 6 science papers which are the classical proof of measles virus, could not prove in court that measles is a virus.

    Jonaya, I want the whole SARS CoV2 / covid narrative in court. I am a layman. How do I get it there?
    (People in Portugal already got the meaningless PCR test ruled against.)

    If you are worried I am joking in some way, say, and as long as you can keep my privacy, I can send you some messages I have sent to certain people (my name & address included) so you know I am completely serious.

    (I don’t necessarily deny that some may have had symptoms of something.)

    Please let me hear from you for your thoughts.

    Well done for standing up to the police.

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