Amy Dalla Mura


Pro Brexit Activist Amy Dalla Mura (Self titled ‘Based Amy, the Bacon lady’) is a known far right provocateur. She is best known for bursting the Donald Trump blimp in June 2019 and has a history with the extremist civil disruption group the Yellow Vests.

Amy has, to date, cost the tax payer over a million pounds with her repeated attempts to drown herself in the sea. For some bizarre reason she has attempted to drown herself on more than fifty occasions, an act that caused the police to take the highly unusual step of giving her a restriction order for going within 50 metres of the sea.

She’s even less successful at fundraising than she is at swimming…

And she found Telegram to be a bit intellectually challenging…

In late 2019 Amy stood as an election candidate for the far right party the English Democrats. Despite her belief that a large number of the right wing would see her as a viable political candidate she actually managed to poll fewer than 450 votes.

In November 2019 Amy was found guilty of harassing ex Tory MP Anna Soubry. Amy objected to the MP’s pro Remain views and publicly heckled her while live streaming her own abuse to her (rather small) fan base.

In December 2019 after failing to show any remorse for the harassment and showing no ability to understand why her behaviour might have been frightening for the MP, Amy Dalla Mura was jailed for 28 days.

Passing verdict, Chief Magistrate Emma Arbuthnot said Dalla Mura “knew that she had done something wrong and thought that she had got away with it“.

As reported by the BBC, Amy shouted “democracy is dead” and “shame on you” as she was taken off to serve her prison sentence. So it looks like she isn’t planning on learning her lesson any time soon…


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  • She should be sectioned under the Mental Health Act (1983)

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