Did Far right Extremist LIE about being called a racial slur?


There was an interesting incident at the March for a People’s vote on 23 June 2018 when far right convicted fraudster Stephen Yaxley-Lennon supporter Jonaya English accused a pro EU supporter of calling her a ‘house negro.”


This was further backed up by Toni Bugle of MARIAS who claimed the person in question had called Jonaya a ‘filthy negro’. Note the inconsistency in the story. Jonaya had claimed the term ‘house negro’ was used.


However there seems to be a lot of dispute over whether the alleged racist slur actually took place or not. Witnesses at the scene have denied the term ‘negro’ was ever used.

On 23 June Jonaya informed Twitter she had taken video footage of the alleged racial slur and would be posting asap. I am writing this on 27 June and Jonaya has posted no video footage at all relating to her accusation.

However Toni Bugle has posted some footage which thanks to Mock the Right has been downloaded and included below. I have watched this footage and it is my opinion that the accused lady does not at any time call Jonaya either a ‘house negro’ or a ‘filthy negro.’


We would urge Jonaya if she can back up her claim to do so asap as failure to do will almost certainly see her sued for libel by the injured party.

In the absense of any evidence to the contrary we can only assume this was a lie. It is a lie that has backfired spectacularly on the two silly women who dreamed it up.




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