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Joe Cater – The Titanic Has sunk



Joe Cater is the author of the not so well selling, self published pdf on Amazon called Titanic Britain – Left Wing Liberal iceberg. Up until 2 days ago he also had a Twitter account with a large following but this has now been suspended (as have the three attempts he has made to reincarnate his Twitter presence.) His latest attempt to circumvent the ban has been to pose as his own fan (@raise_titanic) which has caused much hilarity among our group members although, to be fair to Cater, his new Twitter account has already managed to attract more followers than the 34 who have liked his Facebook page.

It is no secret that Resisting Hate object to authors who seek to demonise those with politically left leanings and, worse, those who would oppress and denigrate communities based on their culture and/faith. Cater is yet another example of an individual jumping on the band wagon of hate and trying to establish a reputation and make money at the expense of spreading lies and misinformation about the current climate in Britain.

His book however is well worth checking out, not so much for the quality of the writing but for the hilarity of the reviews. We have posted the best ones here for posterity…

Roanna is one of the founder members of Resisting Hate. She is the author of the majority of our articles, and also publishes a blog on Huffington Post UK


3 thoughts on “Joe Cater – The Titanic Has sunk

  1. noticed you choose all the one star reviews that suit your leftist agenda. Please try this as your PC, multiculturalism and diversity are destroying the very fabric of our nation. Your intelligence is bereft of common sense, and your unswerving loyalty to the propaganda, NLP general brainwashing, and group think, are the result of measures you dont even know or understand You are just a useful idiot of the marxist ideals and your inability to criticise and recognise reality outside your own selfish bubble is astounding. Your virtue signalling is simply a spoiled child crying for attention. Please read this for your own sake and for the freedoms of our Christian Civilisation have the courage to see yourself.

    1. On the contrary Margaret it is people like yourself who are a danger to our society. We stand for equality and equal values for all human beings. What do you stand for? Division? Hate? Misplaced Nationalism?

      And what part of being a Christian do your views reflect?

  2. This book is a dreadful read. Full of hate, misinformed opinions and pure prejudice. No wonder it’s self published. I think he’s typical of the little Texas Yorkshire man.

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