Jayda Fransen – Deputy of Britain First


Jayda used to be a member of the English Defence league which she confirmed in the BBC3 documentary “We Want Our Country Back”. She left because she wasn’t happy with the EDL’s liking for alcohol fuelled marches and violence.

The Britain First website says that Jayda owned and ran a recruitment consultancy and also has a background in law – however I wonder how successful her law teachings and career were as she doesn’t seem to apply the knowledge to her dealings with the police as part of Britain First.

Jayda joined Britain First and was made deputy leader in the autumn of 2014. This was done by the “National Executive Council” which was essentially a gathering of Biffers with barely any intelligence who get cajoled into accepting a decision without questioning a single thing. When Paul Golding realised he was going to prison  Jayda was made acting leader of Britain First. She has since returned to being the deputy following Paul leaving prison.

What I love about the Britain First website is the way that they describe what Jayda has encountered during her role in Britain First. For example:
1. Arrested for confronting hate preachers like Anjem Choudary – yes Choudary was a hate preacher, but was being dealt with through legal channels. What Jayda did was go to houses in the evening and rant at them on their doorstep. If the courts are handling things this shouldn’t be necessary. Others she describes as “hate preachers” are often nothing of the sort and are often just imams from random mosques.

2. Been dragged to court by corrupt authorities in an attempt to silence her – the law states that you can’t incite racial hatred and give abuse to random members of the public. Well, seems that Jayda forgot that part of her legal training and therefore paid the price.

3. Jayda serves as the Britain First press officer and deals with “hostile media” with effective skill – now, if it is anything like she deals with the public, anyone who doesn’t agree with her is either screeched at (earning her the nickname “Screechy Fransen) or just gets ignored and shut down from the start.

4. Jayda is a devout Christian and comes from a Catholic background – so devout that she goes on marches on a Sunday when surely the most devout Christian would be in church. And also, for a devout Christian to scream abuse at someone because of a different religion and ethnic background…..I find most UN-Christian.

Jayda has stood for office, to become the parliamentary candidate for Rochester and Strood in 2014 and managed to get a massive 56 votes…..which was a whole 0.1% of the votes cast. That seems to have put the mockers on her contesting further elections and she hasn’t stood since.

In November 2016, Jayda was convicted of religiously aggravated harassment. She had entered Luton and verbally abused a female member of the public in front of her children as she was wearing a hijab. She was fined £1000 for that plus an additional £200 for the “wearing of political uniform”. She was also ordered by the court not to contact the lady she had abused or engage in any actions that could intimidate her. Fransen, as is her style, said that the only reason she was convicted was because the courts like to appease Muslims.

A week after this conviction, Jayda produced a short video shared on the Britain First website and Facebook page, in which she said that the police should be able to turn their guns on and shoot Muslims.– Quite how that falls in line with her “Christian values” I don’t know…

Britain First published a manifesto a couple of years ago which stated that they would “offer generous grants to those of foreign descent who are resident in the UK who wish to leave permanently”. In response to that, Exposing Britain First did some digging about and (I quote)

I’ve been studying family history now for long enough to suspect that you aren’t completely British. Fransen is not a British name. So I decided to have a little dig around. Let’s start with your paternal grandparents; John Joseph Fransen, or rather Jan Jozef Wynand Fransen. Born in the Netherlands in 1927, Jan came to England with the Dutch Naval fleet. (Full blog post here)

Now isn’t it odd that someone sooooo against immigration and who would have such a hard line against immigrants should actually be of immigrant parentage? Then again such is the way of strangeness and contradiction within Britain First.

If you are ever unfortunate enough to witness Jayda in action first hand or even on film, you will see that she doesn’t seem to have a volume control. She goes from 0 to screechy in about 10 seconds flat. Normally this is when she is face to face with Muslims, “lefties” or essentially anyone who doesn’t hold the same views as her and her bigoted pals.

People often say that Jayda is stupid, dumb, idiotic etc. While I think her views are just that, especially regarding Muslims and immigrants, after all, she has a vile and rancid point of view…there is something else. She has managed to stay the course. While many others have either left Britain First under a cloud because of differing opinions, not acting in the right way, etc… She has managed (don’t read this in a sexist way) to remain in what is a majorly male led and staffed field. Look at far right groups and you’ll notice that while there are women in place, they aren’t in positions of influence or leadership. She is canny enough to get people to buy in to her right wing rhetoric and by doing so has secured her position in Britain First.

To conclude, Jayda is a petty narrow minded hate filled bigot, but unlike Golding she does have intelligence behind her….and that is the problem. This is someone who could be a major issue if she was to become a major player in Britain First but at the moment her vendetta against Muslims is halted by Golding as the figurehead. I just hope she either leaves or Britain First is disbanded before that happens.



      • Ciaran Goggins your enthusiasm for our site is noted however please kindly refrain from making abusive comments about Halal Kitty.

    • You can see my name in email details. I am not Halal Kitty but any time you want chump!

    • My real name is Ciaran Joseph Goggins and this week I am mostly identifying as a complete wanker!

  • i watch a clip of jayda about cadbury halal what a joje she got the whole thing wrong about zakaat she quotes the qouran wrong shes really dumb

      • Why is she stupid? ls anyone who loves his/her country or people, stupid?

        • Loving your country is in no way stupid. Demonstrating that love by demonising large sections of the people who live in the country is not just short sighted, it is counter productive.

        • Regardless of what she is, there is no sane reason to make her return to the UK, become homeless as well as become an easy target for those sick swine that want to kill her ( Muslims that is). This what our gov’t is making her do. All to appease the Muslim Council of Britain, backed absolutely by Prince Charles and his wish to be saviour of all religions, particularly Islam.
          If what is happening today was written as a story when I was young, hansom, and full of it. this tale would be considered pure fantasy as well as bloody scary.
          What a joke we’ve turned into.
          Gonna blow soon enough. Can’t wait!

  • Jayda could do a DNA test.. I suspect she would get a huge surprise, and I’m not thinking Dutch grandparents either!
    She is vile

  • Jayda Fransen – I have never met the lady, so do not feel inclined to make any personal comments about her.
    However, I will say that the perpetual use of the words ‘hatred’ or ‘hate’ to describe opinions that are the basic right of all indigenous individuals living in Great Britain, is sensationalist propaganda.
    Words can be heard ( and can often be embellished by the listener ) but mind-reading and thought processing are concepts that have not yet been fully developed.
    There are undoubtedly millions of us in the UK right now having personal and private thoughts on the best way forward in solving certain ‘unmentionable’ problems – and one day there may well be a final solution ( oops..can I use that phrase ? ) – but not right now.

    • Bloody disgusting comment. The only reason I have approved it is because it shames you so much.

  • If Jayda wants to love her country, she should love Holland

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