Gab Fails To Tackle Extreme Antisemitism


Warning – this article includes some extremely offensive screenshots of social media posts

The account that calls itself ‘DieJewDie’ started out on Twitter as the central figure in a group of extremist American Neo Nazis. Resisting Hate got most of the group suspended frequently often enough that they lost interest. But this particular individual (who we wrote about here) kept coming back with new accounts, each time spouting the same antisemitic hatred.

DJD made dozens of back up accounts on Twitter and as soon as one was suspended he would bring another into play. It took over a year for Twitter to react quickly enough to reports that a new account was in use to finally deter this revolting antisemite from further use of the platform.

So DJD went to Gab, the platform allegedly for ‘free speech’ which has become the cess pit of social media. The place where racists, Islamophobes and AntiSemites spend their time ‘shitposting’ and exchanging abusive memes.

For several months Andrew Torba who runs refused to take any action against DJD or his online Nazi group using the excuse that the site’s ‘free speech’ ethos meant that even the most extreme views should not be denied a platform. However in the wake of the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh which resulted in Gab losing its domain provider Torba was forced to adopt an element of censorship and acknowledge that some accounts were not suitable for the platform. DJD lost several incarnations of his antisemitic hate account as a result.

Resisting Hate were involved in reporting DJD both directly to the site management and also via personal email to the new domain host (Epik) Rob Monster. Initially Monster was helpful but it soon became clear that he did not believe the content of Gab was his responsibility and he referred all complaints back to Torba.

Fast forward a few months and Gab is back to the hate site that it was before the synagogue shooting. The content on the site is as extreme as ever, Torba is as ignorant, belligerant and unresponsive as ever and Monster appears to have washed his hands of any involvement (while still facilitating Torba and his Nazi site members by continuing to host Gab).

The hate account DJD has been allowed to amass 719 followers on the platform. It has put out a total of 5867 posts. These posts have been liked 27,388 times. This is a high volume account spewing some of the worst antisemitism I have ever seen on a daily basis and Andrew Torba and Rob Monster have taken no action whatsoever.

This account has been allowed to mock, abuse, threaten and dehumanise Jews openly and without censure. It has been allowed to radicalise and indoctrinate others on the platform toward its extremist hate views and still both the site owner and the domain host don’t want to know.

Below are a small selection of the kind of posts that DJD vomits onto Gab daily. If you agree with me that this is not appropriate then I urge you to tweet Rob Monster and ask him why he is willing to host this filth.


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