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We could write a long article about David Vance but to be honest his posts speak for themselves. However I’ll provide a little background first.

David Vance ran for political office as the East Belfast candidate of Traditional Unionist Voice party in Northern Ireland in 2010. He achieved 1856 votes which was less than 6% of the votes in the candidacy.

2010 was to prove unlucky for Vance again when the Belfast Telegraph reported on a comment he had made in relation to the blockade of a Gaza port by Israeli forces and published their view that they interpreted Vance’s comment that he wanted ‘no more messing about‘ to suggest it “can only be taken as incitement to even tougher military action than that which left nine people dead and 35 injured.”

Vance runs a blog called A Tangled Web where he introduces himself to potential readers with this bio:

There has been a lot of controversy over the blog and numerous complaints made for it to be closed down due to hate speech. One forum claimed the blog was temporarily removed, however I have been unable to find evidence to support this.

The blog is still live as of the date of this article.

He has allegedly also written a book so I had a look on Amazon for it. I’m presuming this is not his Amazon author page as the front covers appear to contradict some of the views of his we see expressed below but who knows?

Of the six reviews of his actual book Unionism Decayed (six!) four were one star reviews.

He left the TUV in 2011 stating “I have a number of platforms in my blogs to express myself. I have no plans to stand for office in the future, but I will continue to be a political commentator.”

Vance has little media presence beyond Twitter and his own blog but did hit the papers in July 2015 when he was quoted saying ” [Derry (Londonderry in N.Ireland) was] an intolerant Irish republican hole full of work dodgers.

This is David Vance in his own words.




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