Britain’s Ultra Nationalists


We would like to share this documentary made by Journalist Aran Tori with the followers of Resisting Hate. ‘Britain’s Ultra Nationalists’ is a hard hitting and unapologetic view of some of the key figures on the British far right today, including both Tommy Robinson and Anne Marie Waters.

Journalist Aran Tori travels across Britain tracking down the nation’s Far Right Extremists. The combination of BREXIT and Donald Trump presidency has empowered the Ultra Nationalist cause, leaving communities more divided than ever. Aran enters the world of White Nationalism with a friendly curiosity and open approach, reflecting on his own beliefs of British identity.

Trailer of video (below is a link where the full video can be watched on Amazon)

Please click here to view the full video.



  • It was good how it showed fascists from different types of the far right. Enjoyed watching the presenter’s journey. Good watch.

  • Awesome doc. Seen it and highly recommend it. Aran Tori’s casual approach to engaging with fascists made me laugh.

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