Tommy Robinson – Video Montage of his Hate Speech


Resisting Hate have put together 12 minutes of the hate speech spewed by Tommy Robinson to show just what kind of vile hater this man in. He has used You Tube to radicalise and indoctrinate the innocent and he has used it to demonise and dehumanise Muslims.

Please view with discretion.



  • Bruce W. Tarras sign and circulated a petition titled “Can you spare a minute to help Bruce Tarras? ” …then it said: “Free Tommy Robinson”. He did this publicly on Facebook so I saw it and have a copy of it. Prior to this he told me he would not let an East Indian person into his house and “the Irish were slaves too”…..All I can say is we have our “crazies” here in Canada as well…..

    • Talk about hypocrisy…. Sherry wants to Talk about crazies in Canada…? kinda like the person named Sherry Jane Endersby of 737 Westminster Ave West, Penticton BC, who for the past 3 years has spent every waking moment obsessing about Bruce Tarras. O,o

  • That must be Cynthia Lynn McNbb who p[assed out drunk in the back of a white truck in Alberta and scammed ICBC when she got drunk and slammed into a sign on the side of a highway travelling to Chilliwack from Mission while texting NBruce Tarras on her cell phone …drunk as a skunk as per usual….. just like Bruce Mom’s Dad who died in a drunk driving fatality drunk as a skunk!!

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