Threats from Far Right Haters


Updated 17.12.2017

As one of the founders of Resisting Hate I receive numerous threats, death threats and abusive messages daily.

I publish these occasionally as a reminder of the kind of people the haters Resisting Hate are. These are the kind of people we oppose. This is why we founded Resisting Hate…




  • Just read the vile comments you posted ‘threats and whining far right haters’ – cannot believe people like this actually exist- makes me feel sick to read them. Keep up the good work, you have people who believe in you and the good work you do. Stay true to your beliefs – keep the faith ✌️

  • Keep up the good work. And I hope you will keep safe. The Nazis need to be put in their places – in hell

  • And these morons have the audacity to call Muslims evil. The hatred spewed forth here is utterly shocking. These vile right wing extremists should be named and shamed for their odious views. Well done resisting hate for all who support you for exposing this filth.

  • Really sickened to see those vile comments by those knuckle scraping Neanderthals, I hope they get hit with the full force of the law!

  • “Muslims are bad ‘coz rape and stoning rape victims!”
    Nek minnit:
    “You need to be raped”

    Ummmmmm…. Cognitive dissonance much?

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