The Hate Video Mocking The Grenfell Tower Tragedy


Today we (along with other anti hate groups and the media) were sent footage relating to a Bonfire Night celebration where the focus of the evening was the burning of a mock up of the Grenfall Tower – the tower block in West London that caught fire in 2017 leading to the loss of 72 lives and with many left homeless as a result.

The media have put out articles – BBC, Guardian, Telegraph in an attempt to try and identify the individuals involved. It is uncertain at this stage whether this will be treated by the police as a hate crime or not.

We have downloaded the video and published on our sister site Mock The Right, linked below. Please do view the footage and if you recognise any of the people taking part in this abhorrent event please give their names to the police. We will be happy to pass any information to the police on your behalf if you feel unable to do so yourself.

Here are some stills from the video:

Roanna Carleton Taylor



  • It’s frightening how there are “sickos” like this in our society,who find this so funny! I am totally horrified that these mindless bastards may not even face police charges, for what can only be deemed as a hate crime!

    • Certainly a hate crime in our book and would imagine those who lost loved ones in the Grenfell tragedy also see it as a hate crime.

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