Government Accountable To People


Looks like the bleachers are full of… person it seems. Hmmmmmmmmm.

The inauguration was quite an eye opener. The only time I’d seen protests on around the same scale was when Bush Jr had his inauguration-

If one this is very clear, the US voting system needs to be addressed so that you don’t get a situation where millions of votes are essentially ignored which results in the loser (for want of a better word being elected.)

In the end, the election has been carried out, much like Brexit, the decision is made and the results published. What we HAVE to do now, whether it’s here in the U.K, in the USA or anywhere else, is to ensure that the government and elected individuals remain accountable to the people. That the government or elected officers do not take actions that are unconstitutional and that the population has the right to question, and expect answers from them


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