Robinson – Bullying Thug and Hate Preacher


Robinson’s history as a far right extremist hate preacher goes back a long way.

Prior to his period as leader of the EDL Robinson was a member of the BNP (a far right hate group with political aspirations.) During this period he spent time in prison for assaulting a police officer.

In April 2005 he was convicted for a violent attack upon his wife.

In 2009 Robinson joined the EDL (English Defence League) – an organisation known for extreme far right views and violence.

He particularly embraced the football hooliganism associated with the EDL

He acknowledged the EDL to have racist members.

Robinson himself is often openly racist though he denies it when speaking to the press.


During his time with the EDL he sanctioned a known user of child porn as a member of the group. This was extremely hypocritical as at the same time of harbouring a known paedophile Robinson was also making racist statements about individuals from Pakistan and child abuse


He also made sexual overtures to an underage girl himself.


And posted this photograph to shame a school for having pupils of colour.


Interestingly and rather ironically one of the reasons Robinson gave for leaving the EDL was a concern with growing far right extremism...

After the EDL Tommy went to Pegida UK which he publicised as being his ‘new era’ However in one of his less frequent honest tweets Robinson admitted there was no difference between Pegida UK and the EDL.

The launch of Pegida UK was marred somewhat by Robinson being arrested for battery two days prior.

Robinson is no stranger to British justice though as he has a list of criminal convictions to his name


Tommy believed it appropriate to turn up on the door step of a young man who opposed him online.

He also thought it was ok to tweet this to the husband of the victim of terrorism Jo Cox



As Tommy’s obsession with Muslims grew, his statements became more hateful and more ridiculous.

Here he mistakes some cricket fans for terrorists:

He continued to smear and publicly abuse Muslims:


He was cited as being responsible for much of the material that radicalised far right terrorist Darren Osborne.


Tommy denies he radicalises people but here is a screenshot of him liking one of his followers making an actual threat to kill.



And he threatened vandalism:


He’s pretty homophobic too


We found footage where he was caught on camera advising one of his crew to assault people but make sure it was off camera…

This man is not an activist or a ‘voice of the people’ he is a racist, a thug, a law breaker and a hate preacher.



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