Martin Sellner


Martin Sellner is a far right Austrian extremist in his early thirties, married to conspiracy theorist journalist Britney Pettibone.

Perhaps best known for his role in founding the far right group Generation Identity (A nationalist organisation aimed at opposing diversity in favour of a white ethnostate) Sellner has a chequered background of petty antisemitic behaviour and thuggery including the placing of a swastika onto a synagogue and (in a separate incident) spraying pepper spray at left wing activists.  

In March 2018 Sellner was deported from the UK and banned from returning. He was subsequently banned from entering the USA too, despite this being the birthplace of his wife. It was confirmed in June 2019 that Sellner was permanently banned from the UK.

Due to Sellner being unable to deliver his speech at Speakers Corner in London (after being deported) it was Tommy Robinson who delivered the speech in his place.

Sellner distanced himself from Generation Identity UK, allegedly due to the rise of antisemitism in the UK branch.

Sellner also claimed he had distanced himself from the Neo Nazi scene but in March 2019 it was alleged he was a member of a terrorist organisation and had received funds from Christchurch shooter Brendan Tarrant. Sellner denies this however he was investigated by the police and his communication devices were seized and inspected. It is unclear if he had any involvement and if so to what extent.


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