Katie Hopkins mocks CSE survivors


Cannot believe that this kind of tweet is deemed acceptable by Twitter. Our entire network will be reporting this one and that is a lot of people.

This is blatantly mocking the survivors of child sex exploitation. Sickening.

If you are serious about ridding social media of hate Twitter then this vile woman needs to be one of your first priorities.


7 thoughts on “Katie Hopkins mocks CSE survivors

  1. Disgusting and totally tasteless! There is also racism involved here, as well as a reference to statutory rape.

  2. Katie the Hater Hopkins is establishment fodder, used to divide the UK! As long as the public are fighting each other, they are too busy to take on the real enemy – The establishment!

  3. This woman needs to be banned from using Twitter or any other social media as a platform for her twisted, nasty and sick ‘opinion’. NOBODY wants to read her vile spew.

  4. This is actionable, surely, under hate speech legislation. Let’s put this deviant where she belongs, behind bars with a huge bull dyke cell mate.

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