Jez Turner and London Forum


Jeremy Bedford-Turner is well known in Fascist and Neo Nazi communities as a principal figure of the far right society London Forum. The Forum is a speaking event with meetings at various different venues across the capital and beyond which has played host to several extremists within the far right movement including Holocaust Denier David Irving, Adolf Hitler admiring ex barrister Ian Millard,  and squeaky Nazi singer/songwriter Alison Chabloz.

In February 2017 a meeting of London Forum was infiltrated by The Independent. The paper reported comments likening the Nazi death camp Auschwitz to ‘Disneyland’, celebratory remarks about the death of MP Jo Cox, an offensive quenelle displayed by Chabloz and a general tone of Antisemitic hatred throughout the assembly.

In May 2018 Turner went to court to answer charges relating to a speech he gave in 2015 where he urged his extremist audience to ‘free England’ from the Jews. The anti-Semitic wording was found by a jury to constitute the stirring of racial hate speech and Turner (who had previously served in the British Army) was given a one year jail sentence.

Roanna Carleton Taylor


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