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Jack Renshaw – National Action


This cherubic looking schoolboy is Jack Renshaw, the leader of youth Neo Nazi group National Action. The group was proscribed by the British government for promoting racist and Anti Semitic behaviours.

Jack repeatedly makes Twitter accounts to attempt to recruit followers to his extremist (and nonsensical) views. However he is usually spotted and suspended before he has managed to persuade even a hundred hapless idiots to follow him.


5 thoughts on “Jack Renshaw – National Action

  1. Looks like a cute twink who might need a nice sugardaddy with a bbc or bwc.. and in denial of his true feelings attacks anything he is actually attrackted to (gays, colored people, intelligent men etc). Hopefully he does come out to (1st) himself and accept that he is a twinky bottom boy.
    Ill show him the ropes if he asks….

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