Ironmarch – Neo Nazi Hate Site


Ironmarch – – is a hardcore neo-Nazi hate site similar to the recently closed sites Daily Stormer and Stormfront. The site is promoting race war in the United Kingdom and plays host to some of the most vile Nazi, AntiSemitic and Islamophobic views we have seen on the net.

The front page welcomes viewers with the words “Gas the Kikes, Race War now, 1488 boots on the ground.”

The forum then descends into specific pages dedicated to the promotion of race war in different countries.

Sickeningly the off topic area of the site is called “Concentration Camp” with the first thread entitled “The Showers” – an obvious reference to the genocide of the Holocaust.

I have posted some of the content below that our group will be using to strengthen our case that this forum should be shut down. We will be contacting the service providers of the site and sending out information to our reporting network explaining how to make a formal complaint about the horrific nature of this extremist content.




    • Didn’t want to spend more than a few mins browsing as the content is sick making. Just grabbed a few randoms and ran. Fully intend to get this site taken down.

  • Much thanks for all of your attention, Roanna. 🙂 We neo-nazis appreciate it. But you didn’t do a good job. We are in no way similar to Daily Stormer and Stormfront. We hate them. 😉

    • Interesting. Can you elaborate on this a bit? Why does one bunch of Neo Nazis hate another bunch of Neo Nazis?

      • You should read our blog !

        Daily Stormer and Stormfront, as well 4chan/8ch etc are all retarded White Nationalists, most of them are drug addicts and degenerate. We aren’t “neonazis”, we are Fascists, which is not an ideology, but a worldview. Check out our forum again for some enlightening read!

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