How To Report Hate Site


Please note – the screenshots in this post are of an extreme and abusive nature.

We have added a large number of screenshots to this post to illustrate why this Neo Nazi website has no place on our internet. These screenshots show the incitement of hate and violence toward Jews, Muslims, Gays, Travellers and People of Colour in particular.

The hate site is hosted by Wild West Domains which is a subsidiary of better known Host Go Daddy. The site is also hidden for privacy behind Cloudflare.

There are several ways you can report this hate site:

  1. Share the tweets and Facebook posts we will be putting out on Resisting Hate.
  2. Tweet to Go Daddy
  3. Tweet to Go Daddy Help
  4. Tweet to Cloudflare
  5. Complete the Go Daddy support form online
  6. Email the Wild West Domains and register a complaint
  7. Complete the Cloudflare abuse report
  8. Phone Cloudflare 24/7 SUPPORT (480) 624-2500



  • Ban this.

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