Homophobes and Gay Marriage in Australia


Australians have voted YES for gay marriage!

Yesterday the returned questionnaires were counted in Australia and the majority of people who returned their vote said they agreed with allowing gay people to marry one another.

Now there are many studies which draw parallels between homo/transphobia and those who hold views which are racist or antisemitic/islamophobic etc. This is not a study but merely my observations about yesterday’s vote based on me visiting a fake profile which is embedded with the far right.

Most Far Right groups from Britain First and the EDL to the Soldiers of Odin and For Britain claim to be against Islam (partly) because “Muslims throw gays from rooftops”. Support for this view can be seen regularly on Britain First’s Facebook and Twitter pages. Commonly the people commenting tend to be “shocked” and say how much they hate Islam because of this. (Note that the videos normally have no context so it’s not clear why the individual is being treated as they are. And also note it is the same one or two regularly repeated videos that are always shown.)

Anyway….I logged into my Far Right sock account and really wished I had not done so. It seems that these right wingers, many of them are the ones who have been strenuously criticising Islam for ‘being against homosexuality’ were suddenly saying how the world is going to end because gay people were going to marry!

I do have to say that one post did make me actually laugh. One man was arguing that “It’s all well and good for gay people to want to marry, but in 50 to 100 years it means the number of children being born will plummet!” – Of course…silly me…I forgot that allowing people to marry a same sex partner will cause the population to shrink because banning same sex marriage will make people straight and have babies.

All we at Resisting Hate and Mock the Right say is: Well done….Equality is a good thing.

Here are some examples of the horrific homophobic prejudice posted in just one day as a reaction to the Australian ruling on gay marriage.


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