Hate Site celebrate Synagogue Massacre


Today in Pennsylvania, US a man with a semi automatic weapon opened fire in a Synagogue.

Below is the reaction to the shooting from hate site These are genuine, unphotoshopped posts which all appeared in the minutes and hours following this atrocity.

We have stated time and time again that allowing hate sites like Gab to flourish enables the radicalisation of the weak minded and acts as a catalyst to hate crime and violence.

Early reports show this to be the account of this shooter:

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We will be contacting host Microsoft Azure and Payment Provider Stripe to ask that they cease all support of the Neo Nazi filth on We also ask that all our supporters do the same.

Roanna Carleton Taylor



  • Cuddle monster David Vance has been very helpful in asking people to ‘get on Gab’ He is a friend of Israel. Never forget to remember etc…
    He and those like him will go through the motions but make no mistake if Islam didn’t exist Jews would be the boogie man. Hatred is flexible. As long as you have something to hate…

    • Now he’s telling people not to use GAB and use a different far right social media sight instead.

      He has realised he has fucked up.

  • Does anyone really believe shutting down GAB will stop the virulent Antisemitism expressed in the posts above? I have an account on GAB and after attacking Holocaust Denial as ahistoric stupidity, I
    was called a “Jewish faggot.” I happen to be neither. Let them have their site. At least you know where they are. Actually the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter will be easier to prosecute because of his GAB account and the willingness of the GAB to share all their info on him with law enforcement.

  • I dont like the neo nazis on Gab either, but I prefer them to the concept of Mark Zuckerberg or some vigilante mob deciding what I am allowed to see. I am adult, and want to make my own decisions. Fwiw

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