FFS Twitter – Suspend Katie Hopkins and her Hate


Time and time again we have flagged up the hate tweets of Katie Hopkins. We have reported her to Twitter, to her employers, to the UK Police.

We have highlighted her venom on our social media network, worked with other anti hate organisations to spotlight the hate she spreads and we have encouraged members of the public to speak up to social media platforms about getting this vicious and hateful woman suspended.

Today – YET AGAIN – Katie has used a public tragedy to push her Islamophobic hate agenda. This is not a tweet in isolation. This woman has a long history of using the Twitter platform to harass and abuse others and to incite hatred toward minority groups.

This is the most recent example:

If (after reading the examples of her tweets provided below) you agree with us that this woman has no place on a public platform then here at Resisting Hate we are asking you to take action by contacting @Twittersupport and sharing your belief that Katie Hopkins’ account should be suspended.

Roanna Carleton Taylor



  • Such a bitter twisted soul, I wonder what made her hate people so much?
    I would welcome any stance that prevents it using social media to spread its vile thoughts.

  • Poison through and through, and of no purpose in our world. Get rid, and disinfect society

  • How was this vile thing not charged with inciting violence after the Manchester tweet “we need a final solution’ isn’t that evidence enough. Stop giving her a platform mainstream media she is as much a terrorist as any other hate group.

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