Hate Crime

Danny Tommo – Bungler Criminal

Islamophobic UKIP leader Gerard Batten announced this week that he has teamed up with convicted criminals convicted fraudster Stephen Yaxley-Lennon and Danny Tommo, for a Pro-Brexit protest on December 9th 2018. 

Far-right organiser of the march – Danny Tommo – real name Daniel Thomas was exposed in 2016 as a convicted (albeit bungled) kidnapper. He was jailed for two years for his part in the crime.

As the Portsmouth article detailing the kidnap is behind a pay wall we have reproduced it at the bottom of this RH article in full.

Tommo claims on his Facebook page that by organising this march, he is fighting against ‘The Establishment’. However as the video below shows, he struggles to formulate a cohesive argument, even forgetting the main point he is supposed to be arguing! Thugs generally don’t make the best spokespeople for political protests…


Tommo is also something of a hypocrite. In this video he tells us HOW VERY ANGRY he was when a person got punched in the face, while conveniently forgetting his own criminal history for punching the victim of his kidnap.

Not exactly the face of reasoned argument is he…

With the likes of criminals like Robinson and Tommo blundering into British politics it has never been more important to play a part in standing up to hate and to make the voice of the rational British public heard above the howling of the haters.

When these idiots march on the streets we need decent people out there too, fighting hate and resisting fascism.  Join the Counter Protest. 


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