Anti Semitic Attack On Our Member


I’ve received about 12 death threats since 9/11. It started with Alt Right radicals saying “Jews did 9/11”, then a man posted my photo online about 30 times and circulated it online among neo Nazis simply tagging it “Jew.” Countless people told me that I am not white (news to me) and that America is for Whites only.

I tried to explain that Judaism is a religion NOT a race. I was told they were going to deport me or kill me. In my entire life, I never knew this kind of hatred towards Jews existed in America. The Trump campaign seems to have awakened something in the people. Closet racists and bigots started posting swastikas and now that Trump has been elected this behavior has been legitimized by the Establishment. I didn’t believe he could win so I thought they would disappear back under the rock they crawled out of. Now I’m afraid they may become even more radical and their words may escalate and grow more violent.

This is America. I expect Freedom OF Religion and Freedom FROM Religion.


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