A Letter to Jayda From A Muslim RH Member


One of our Muslim membes writes an open letter to Jayda Fransen discussing matters of faith.

Dear Jayda,

I am proudly and unapologetically a Muslim. I’m no hate-driven, fear-injecting bigot like you and I am thankful for that. Unlike you, I actually love Jesus Christ, upon whom be peace.  Moreover, I genuinely follow his teachings more than you and I can happily prove that.

Also unlike you, I have read and studied the 3 Testaments of God (the Old, the New, and the Last), and can quote from them, while all you do is learn misunderstood translations, and [un]intentionally use them to prove your false and debunked claims.

So, let me teach you a little bit about what Jesus Christ, upon whom be peace, has preached in relation to finding the path of truth, walking on it, and calling people to it. Let me teach you, and other uninformed/misinformed readers about who Jesus Christ, upon whom be peace, truly is, according to the Holy Bible. Before hastily jumping into false conclusions, I will come up with one single claim, and we’ll see if I can back it up by no other source than the Holy Bible.

Jesus Christ, upon whom be peace, was a Muslim. Sounds shocking, doesn’t it?  But it isn’t, not really, when you come to know the facts that you [un]intentionally overlook. Christianity owes its name to Jesus Christ, upon whom be peace, however, the Christian doctrine is to be correctly attributed to those who conceived the contemporary Christian canon, i.e. the Church; which has been heavily immersed with Paulism. Therefore, a Christian is a follower of a Church while a Christian should more appropriately be a follower of Jesus Christ upon whom be peace.

Islam—derived from root words Silm and Salaam—basically means peace acquired through submitting one’s will to the One God. So, a Muslim is someone who does exactly that.

Jesus taught that God is one (Deuteronomy, 6:4).

He is Prophet of God, sent by God (Acts, 2:22).

He came to fulfill their “Sharia” law (Matthew, 5:17).

He taught that no other partners should be associated with God (Exodus, 20:2-5), (Deuteronomy, 5:7-9).

He performs ablution prior to prayer (Exodus, 40:31-32), (Acts, 21:26).

He stands in a holy ground praying to God (Exodus, 3:5), (Acts, 7:33).

He then prostrates to God like other prophets before him (Genesis, 17:3), (Numbers, 20:6), (Joshua, 5:14), (Matthew, 26:39).

He literally submitted his will to God (Matthew, 26:39), (Matthew, 7:21).

He preaches fearing God (Leviticus, 25:36).

He commanded to spend for charity (1 Peter, 4:8).

He prohibited usury [riba] (Leviticus, 25:36-37), (Ezekiel, 18:13), (Ezekiel, 22:12), (Psalms, 15:5).

Struggling and fighting for truth [Jihad] (Numbers, 25:17-18), (Luke, 19:27), (Deuteronomy, 2:32-35).

Pilgrimage [like Mecca] (Psalm, 84:6).

Fasting [like Ramadan] (Matthew, 17:21), (Mark, 9:29).

He abstained from drunkeness (Proverbs, 20:1), (Ephesians, 5:18).

Abstained from pork (Leviticus, 11:7-8), (Deuteronomy, 14:8), (Isaiah 65:2-5).

Abstained from food offered to idols (Acts, 15:29), (Revelation, 2:14).

Preached abstaining from fornication, and to dress modestly (Matthew, 5:27-28), (Deuteronomy, 22:5), (1 Timothy, 2:9).

Hijab for women [like the Mother of Jesus, and nuns nowadays] (1 Corinthians, 11:5-6).

He was circumcised (Acts, 7:8), (John, 7:22), (Luke, 2:21).

He doesn’t shake hands with the opposite sex (1 Corinthians, 7).

Last and definitely not least, he said “Assalmu alaykom” (Luke, 24:36), (Luke, 10:5), (John, 20:19), (John, 20:21), (John, 20:26).

So, Jayda, if Christian‘ means a follower of Jesus Christ and not that of the Church, then I’m a better Christian than you are—and I’m a Muslim! Christianity does not preach hate; it does not preach division; it does not preach racism; and it certainly does not preach holding a cross in the faces of other people and screaming at the top of your lungs how wrong you think they are. This would not please Jesus Christ, upon whom be peace, and this certainly does not please He who sent Jesus Christ, upon whom be peace.

Jayda, I do not know why you hate me for no apparent reason. I certainly don’t hate anyone. Not you, and not even Trump. It just saddens me that you’re putting such hate into the world in the name of  Christianity and in the name of Jesus Christ, upon whom be peace. What you do is really no different to what the ISIS terrorists are doing. You are trying to pervert your faith in the same way that ISIS are trying to discredit mine.

So, Jayda, this is an open invitation that you join me in correctly following the example of Jesus Christ upon whom be peace.

Assalamu alaykom.

P.S. Did you know you have an Arabic name?


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