When not to D0x


I have been very open in the fact that I am more than happy to report perpetrators of hate speech to social media platforms, the law and if necessary their employers. I make no apology for this. When our group encounters people calling for the genocide, persecution, harassment and discrimination of innocent communities and individuals then frankly I feel that in being d0xed those haters get all that they deserve.

I have no intention of ceasing this activity and Resisting Hate operate entirely within the law.

However there are circumstances when I do not feel that d0xing is appropriate and I am going to use the posts sent to myself on the (free speech) social media platform GAB as an example.

These posts were sent to me personally over a period of 24 hours. Although within this period I received numerous other similar posts from several other hate accounts this account stands out for the persistency and the volume of the posts sent.

I am very aware of the individual behind this account but in this instance I will not be making any information about this person public. The reason for this is that although I strongly believe people should be accountable for their actions I also believe that it is wrong to humiliate and expose vulnerable individuals. This individual is clearly vulnerable. I would guess that these posts are either the result of an alcoholic binge or some kind of mental health disorder. Certainly they are not indicative of healthy behaviour.

There are times when we have to make the decision whether or not d0xing would do more harm than good. Sometimes it brings an individual to justice which is great but it is not a tool I would choose to use for personal vengeance or to bring misery into the life of an individual who is already clearly very unhappy.

The advice I offer to our readers and the advice I will be taking myself is to leave people like this to their own devices. By all means suggest they seek help but please seek to shut down interaction with them as quickly as possible. They are the victims of a system which is seriously failing people with mental health issues and they should be pitied instead of blamed.

It is perhaps ironic that, as with this Brexit supporting individual, it is the very people who need a strong economy supporting the NHS the most who are the ones who voted to destroy it.

Roanna Carleton Taylor



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