Unite To Defeat The Tory Culture War


The world’s collective future might be brighter as it is no longer orange, however, whilst America breaths a sigh of relief at the demise of Trump, the United Kingdom grits its teeth in preparation for an era of human rights abuses, discrimination, wage reduction, benefits cuts, protest bans and wilful climate destruction. With almost four years of Conservative Party administration still to run, our nightmare of autocratic rule has only just begun.

Fox hunts in financial trouble, our over-funded rightwing overlords have turned their attention to targeting anti-racists, antifascists, socialists, environmentalists, anarchists, and everybody left of Benito Mussolini in a spiteful political witch hunt reminiscent of Senator Joseph McCarthy’s persecution of American leftwingers in the early 1950s.

Emphasising the capitulation of the Labour opposition, prime minister Boris Johnson and home secretary Priti Patel have commandeered former Labour MP John Woodcock AKA Lord Walney who the Tories made their Independent Adviser on Political Violence & Disruption to conduct a Donald Trump “both sides” investigation into the left as well as the far right.

In an interview with the rightwing Telegraph, having a track record of criticising Black Lives Matter and Extinction Rebellion, Walney stated, whilst Britain should “take notice of the rise of the far right, the left have been overstepping the mark into antisocial behaviour”, his false equivalence deliberately overlooking the fact the UK extreme right have killed many people over the decades, while the UK left have killed absolutely no-one, ignoring Tory support of fascist and totalitarian regimes across the world.

Sidelined in discussions criticising the government’s deadly mishandling of covid by rightwing commentator Piers Morgan recently fired for his appalling views about Meghan Markle the Dutchess of Sussex, Labour failed to assert moral leadership despite well over a hundred thousand deaths, the Tory Party managing not just to hold onto their opinion poll lead but to widen the gap at a time when Labour would expect to gain public support. The failure to lockdown in-time, the care home deaths, unequipped hospitals, and the deadly “do not resuscitate” (DNR) orders issued to the elderly and disabled have effectively been brushed under the carpet, Kier Starmer’s in-fighting taking priority over holding the government to account for their pathological mishandling of the pandemic.

Thanks to Kier, Boris Johnson is using his boosted polling support to wash the blood off his hands, but without the guilt of Lady McBeth, his bullying home secretary Priti Patel diverting media attention away from covid fatalities by stomping her jackboots over their enemies. The coronavirus having taken its heaviest toll upon minorities in impoverished inner city areas, Patel continues to position the UK ever rightwards with the help of malicious editors knowing all it takes is a solitary dog-whistle to turn the arrival of a dinghy or two of refugees into a World War-style invasion.#

Decades ago, Margaret Thatcher unleashed the hounds upon the left, vindictiveness coursing through her veins as she sought to reduce taxes, decimating wages, destroying state-owned businesses and their trade union membership. One man essential to Thatcher’s success was Rupert Murdoch, the megalomaniac responsible for both Brexit and Donald Trump. As with Steve Bannon of Cambridge Analytica, Murdoch trialled his brainwashing techniques first on the guinea-pig British public before experimenting upon America, setting-up Fox News as the world’s most notorious rightwing political propaganda outlet.

Having purchased the Sun from IPC in 1969, successfully encouraging disillusioned voters to vote for Margaret Thatcher with the help of Apartheid-supporting editor and page three initiator Larry Lamb, he used the Sun to push a blatant racist, sexist and homophobic agenda which would live-on to the present day, while his anti-working class, anti-socialist narrative earned him a knighthood and the control of the Times and Sunday Times.

Following his use of media propaganda to consolidate the Tory government’s legal action against the Steelworkers, Murdoch supported Thatcher’s mass closure of pits, printing lie after lie about the miners and NUM leader Arthur Scargill, culminating in the false depiction of the Battle Of Orgreave as a struggle between working class “thugs” and the “heroic” forces of law and order, deliberately overlooking police brutality and the government’s use of agent provocateurs. Even worse was yet to come when he printed the most horrendous lies about the Hillsborough Disaster, taking aim at a city he loathed for its long-standing socialism, the Sun having for years tarnished the Scouse people as being “thieves” and “violent criminals”. His editor Kelvin McKenzie published the most horrific lies in bold typeset, pretending LFC fans pickpocketed dead bodies, urinated on the police, and viciously assaulted a constable giving the kiss of life to a victim, all of which were concocted as a bitter war of attrition against Liverpool.

Despite losing sales through the successful JFT96 boycott, the Australian maintained much of his traditional readership with sidetracking initiatives such as prize bingo and discounted caravan holidays. John Major deposing his beloved Maggie, he switched support to the centrist New Labour project, Tony Blair striking-up an amicable relationship which blossomed into him becoming godfather for the fake news peddler’s daughter, a catastrophic second Iraq war with extensive casualties of civilians and soldiers, resulting in the birth of ISIS, the price Labour paid for Murdoch’s support.

Failing to learn the lessons of history, Keir Starmer announced that he was keen to “engage with media outlets historically opposed to progressive politics”, meaning amongst others, Murdoch’s Sun and the staunchly Tory Daily Telegraph whom he wrote an article for. Furthermore he appointed Blue Labour staffer Paul Ovenden as media advisor, a columnist who penned anti-left diatribes for the hard right Spectator magazine. Ovenden quit the party when Jeremy Corbyn polled significantly better than expected in the 2017 election, only to rejoin Labour when Starmer took over. Not content with mere centrification, Kier supported Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock’s deadly desire to keep schools open during lockdowns, a policy reversed only after intense campaigning from the National Education Union.

Murdoch spent the entire summer encamped within 10 Downing Street dictating government policy and plotting collaboration with his upcoming broadcasting venture News UK, one of two new rival Fox News-style channels to begin in a few months time in direct competition with the Discovery Channel Network’s GB News channel established under the false premise that the Tory-controlled BBC were “left-wing”. With the heavy hitters of the Tory Brexiteer junta safely under his wing, why would he ditch that to become “bessies” with an under-achieving Labour Leader who fails to convince the public?

Unable to realise he’ll never secure the Australian billionaire as his sugar daddy, his love unrequited for the foreseeable future, Starmer continues to reposition the party rightwards in the misguided hope he will appeal to middle class Tory voters in the true blue shire counties, while continuing to alienate Labour’s socialist roots, numerous branches voicing disapproval of the gentrification of their party, mistrust turning to anger as former leader Jeremy Corbyn was removed from the party.

The orange-tanned heart of the extreme right beats no more, however his legacy of state-endorsed white supremacism lives on strong through the international alt-right movement, the Bannonesque catchphrases “deep state”, “draining the swamp”, “cancel culture”, and “woke” inspiring fascist movements in Brazil, Hungary, France, Italy, Poland, Portugal and Spain, the tentacles of the post-truth era protruding far and wide. Whereas elsewhere, Trumpists relied upon dedicated far right parties to seize their share of power, in the UK, they merely infiltrated the Conservative Party, the same billionaire-funded transatlantic thinktanks who fomented the Capitol insurgency (the actual deep state) throwing their weight behind the Tories.

Over half a century since the assassinations of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, world heavyweight boxing icon Muhammad Ali lobbing his gold medal from the Rome Olympics into the Ohio River having been refused service at a restaurant because of the colour of his skin, America finally took notice of the routine daily discrimination black people face. Britain having boosted the American alt-right with Nigel Farage, Katie Hopkins, Paul Joseph Watson and Milo, one particular UK export from the mean streets of Warrington, guerilla beverage antifascism, left the “master race” quaking with fear, however the biggest threat to worldwide white supremacy arose from Bristol’s sinking of notorious slave trader Edward Colston’s statue, a momentous event inspiring the removal of tyrannical statues across the globe.

Victim-blaming emblazoned in the butcher’s apron, the British Establishment’s doubling-down upon its colonial legacy epitomised by Enoch Powell’s notorious Rivers of Blood speech which emboldened racists and fascists with the myth of “reverse discrimination”, the notion of minorities holding a “whip hand” over the aristocracy as ridiculous as the prospect of Britannia becoming slaves, Priti Patel sold her souls to the oppressors of her Indian ancestors, focusing her treachery upon Black Lives Matter protestors, “lefty lawyers” and “do-gooders”, demanding retribution for the removal of Colston’s statue, echoing the words of Donald Trump and his white nationalist sect, the culmination of which, ten year prison sentences for anybody vandalising statues, double the jail term for rape.

Patel has become the darling of the far right, her refusal to close the deadly former Napier army barracks used as a prison camp for refugees despite the site being overrun with covid with a large number of detainees becoming suicidal and deemed unfit for human habitation, her deadly intransigence winning her support from racists who would otherwise hate her for her skin colour.

Ramping-up the intolerant rhetoric of Theresa May’s Hostile Environment, having restarted deportations of Black British citizens to Jamaica in the midst of the pandemic, refusing to stop the deportation of young autistic man Osime Brown to Jamaica, a country he hasn’t resided in since he was a toddler, his disputed crime, the theft of a mobile phone, Priti Patel has set her sights on destroying what little humanity remains in the United Kingdom following Brexit, having worked for British American Tobacco, the cigarette giant which funded the genocidal military regime in Myanmar in the early 2000s and exploited child labour in Nigeria. Her father Sushil Patel was a hard right UKIP candidate.

Her policing bill giving the power to courts to jail solitary protestors for many years for making too much noise in public, is the starkest warning that the darkest moments of history are poised ready to repeat despite the government’s championing of Remembrance poppies every November.

A liability for the public purse as well as minorities, taxpayers money used to settle the out-of-court settlement to Philip Rutman, the civil servant she famously bullied, the home secretary continues her mission to destroy civil liberties, her policing bill persecuting Travellers and criminalising legitimate protest with lengthy sentences for dissent, will be proceeded by the abolition of what little human rights remain, the reintroduction of the death penalty waiting in the shadows, the Sun, Mail Express and Telegraph chomping at the bit to support Patel’s TALLY-HO! battle-cry against mankind whilst refusing to shed a tear over the many thousands of people including babies and young children who will starve to death after the Tories cut lifesaving foreign aid to drought-torn Yemen.

Education secretary Gavin Williamson officially launched the Tories’ “War On Woke” under the premise of protecting free speech, whilst simultaneously denying the free speech of schoolteachers to educate pupils about slavery, white privilege and black history. Whether or not he will uphold the rights of university lecturers to express opinions on sanctions against Israel, is another matter, as likewise the ability of universities to dismiss neo-Nazis, white supremacists and ISIS supporters. Knowing the Tories and their prolific worldwide extreme rightwing connections, the far right will get a free pass as always.

Grim Reaper Matt Hancock several years ago toughened the rules regarding urgent medical treatment for non-Brits, meaning the parents of Nigerian child patient Nathaniel Nabena were unable to afford lifesaving leukaemia treatment for their son diagnosed as requiring chemotherapy whilst in the UK for a routine paid-for operation. Before Hancock’s appointment in 2018, NHS rules asserted urgent treatment of non citizens could not be refused, however he changed the goalposts in what constituted as urgent treatment, the cost recovery managers he appointed ensuring foreigners legally visiting the UK requiring emergency cancer treatment have to pay colossal fees upfront.

Whilst the oligarch-manufactured culture war makes the headlines, culpable coronavirus deaths brushed under the carpet, the rightwing libertarians behind both the cabinet and the bad actors of the alt-right working a pincer movement upon public consciousness, our deliberately covid-downplaying government sending-out mixed messages about public safety whilst the conspiratorial covid-denying Tory fringe continues to erode away trust of scientists, encouraging the public not to wear face masks, socially-distance or take vaccines, their legions of bots regularly pumping-out hashtags calling for the sacking of chief government scientific advisor Chris Whitty.

One literal alt-right bad actor joining in the anti-left witch-hunt on behalf of the Tories is Lawrence Fox who is expected to become a presenter on the forthcoming rightwing GB News channel, the highly controversial propaganda outlet funded by Legatum, the owners of the Discovery Channel Network and Virgin Media. They are likely to push the same regressive anti-science agenda of Fox News in the States, as will their Murdoch rivals News UK. Ofcom would be expected to clamp down on broadcasters peddling misinformation, however former Daily Mail boss Paul Dacre has been appointed as the regulator’s new boss while the overton window shifts further right.

The Tory witch-hunt against the left is dual-fronted attack via government agencies and their media allies. GB News will host a programme called “Woke Watch” which will vilify socialists, humanitarians, environmentalists, and even social workers as “dangerous lunatics”. GB News was established with the assistance of former Downing Street spindoctor Sir Robbie Gibb, Gibb described by former Conservative minister Nick Boles as a “hard Brexiteer who wants to destroy cross-party compromise”, albeit written before Tory apologist Kier Starmer took over as Labour leader.

Around the time the station’s broadcasting plan was formulated, Gibb was in a business partnership with Witchfinder General John Zak Woodcock AKA Lord Walney, the government’s “Independent” advisor on Political Violence conducting the enquiry into antifascist groups, Black Lives Matter and Extinction Rebellion. Gibb was also in partnership with the former charity commissioner William Shawcross at the same time, Shawcross the “Independent” Reviewer of anti-terrorist agency Prevent, Prevent likely to criminalise anti-government campaigning groups on Woodcock’s recommendations.

Shawcross was a director of the rightwing Henry Jackson Society, key members of which attended conventions at the far right David Horowitz Freedom Centre, an organisation noted by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) as a purveyor of anti-black views. Speakers at David Horowitz included Hungarian antisemite Sebastian Gorka, Gavin McInnes the founder of the domestic terrorist Proud Boys, and deplatformed hatemonger Katie Hopkins.

Make no mistake – white supremacy is a worldwide syndrome lying at the heart of both Westminster and mogul-owned Western media. The Home Office having utilised the far right Henry Jackson Society in 2013 for a report into Islamism, the government’s Extremism Analysis Unit (EAU) itself accused by UK Cage of blacklisting UK Muslim organisations, if Woodcock is serious about getting to the bottom of far right extremism in the UK, he should investigate his own government employers alongside white supremacist Steve Bannon’s ministerial contacts within the cabinet, such as Jacob Rees-Mogg who retweeted the German neo-Nazi AfD, plus Attorney General Suella Braverman whose antisemitic “cultural Marxism” trope was condemned by the Board of Deputies. As for extremist literature, Woodcock should look no further than examining Boris Johnson’s hate novel 72 Virgins complete with its explicit racist language, and the obnoxious contents of Michael Gove’s bookshelf.

Not only does the War On Woke provide cover for the Tories catastrophic death toll, it also diverts public attention away from pandemic cronyism, Serco, Randox, Deloitte and Ayanda Capital – the ultimate beneficiaries of Conservative Party policy hidden from the media spotlight courtesy of the McCarthyistic “reds under the beds” fabricated culture war.

Rampant militarism is all that is missing from the Early Warning Signs of Fascism, however our alt-right Tory government has that covered with a £230 billion upgrade to Trident, ensuring nothing is overlooked as it goes full-on fascist. Do not rule out the introduction of compulsory military service if employment levels fail to return post-pandemic, a regimented youth less likely to think for themselves and rebel against the system, as in Israel.

Collectivism achieves rewards, the high court judgement ruling in favour of gig-economy Deliveroo riders illustrating the benefits of organising in every workplace. We must, as active citizens opposing state oppression evangelise non-union staff into protecting their jobs, income and right to survive as the next variant of austerity awaits society once coronavirus restrictions post-pandemic, supporting pay increases for the besieged frontline staff who risked their lives to keep us safe, yet were rewarded with nothing more than a mere perfunctory handclap by the prime minister, at their time of need.

Nazi and fascist dictators Hitler, Franco, Mussolini and Pinochet understood the role of trade unionists standing up for the oppressed, which is why they imprisoned, tortured and murdered union leaders and shop stewards at the earliest opportunity.

Working class solidarity is the only way we win the battle against the elected dictatorship. Any misapprehensions that extending the furlough and the universal credit uplift is evidence the Tories softened their suffocating social conservatism is wishful thinking, such temporary monitory respites to be categorically withdrawn as soon as restrictions are eased, regardless of whether coronavirus reinfects through its resistant variants.

The arrivals from Hong Kong will be spun by Number Ten as an act of Tory benevolence to “prove their anti-racist credentials”. When push comes to shove, minorities are a ready-made scapegoat, despotic regimes ever eager to divide and conquer along lines of race, religion and nationality for political advantage. Post-colonial privilege perceived to be under threat, the resettlement of Hong Kong citizens offers the perfect opportunity for Priti Patel to pit the “good migrant” against the “bad migrant” using wealth as the benchmark to discriminate between approved immigrants from the former British protectorate, and media-denigrated asylum-seekers fleeing death, famine and political persecution. If the HK citizens had been Muslim Uyghurs fleeing genocide, Islamophobic Britain would not have welcomed them with open arms.

Despite some Tory grandees envisioning Hong Kong citizens moving to the UK as sherry-sipping, lawn-bowls playing colonial ex-pats, a ready-made anti-Communist bulwark equivalent to the white French Algerians who repatriated after Algerian independence to shore up support for war criminal Jean Marie Le-Pen, most HK migrants will be ethnically Chinese. Racist thugs don’t check passports before attacking, the “china virus” hate speech of Boris’s pal Trump already having resulted in violent assaults on British Chinese citizens. Anti-asylum hatred fomented to differentiate between arrivals will inevitably result in an increase in racism for all immigrants. Jewish, Sikh and LGBT supporters of the EDL’s tokenist subdivisions learnt the hard way when the Tommy Robinson supporters they befriended on fascist marches became radicalised into full-on antisemitic and homophobic neo-nazis who loathed their one-time enablers.

Together we are stronger. There is more in-common that unites then divides us, social Darwinist Tory libertarians doomed to failure when the public fully wise to their destructive agenda. Whereas at one time, a radicalised public found difficulty fact-checking rightwing opinions presented as “news”, today’s young internet-savvy observers have been brought-up able to differentiate truth from fiction via their laptops and phones. No wonder the powers that be are tearing their hair out, terrified of losing their grip upon society as the subscribers to traditional media sources continue to decline in marked contrast to the onwards expansion of democratic social media. For this reason, don’t be surprised if an updated digital offences bill criminalises electronic dissent sooner or later, as the Tories seek to consolidate the diminishing power of the rightwing press.

Besides de-platforming bigots, having notably helped remove many high profile racists, homophobes, transphobes, covid-deniers, fascists, neo-Nazis and white supremacists from Twitter and Facebook, Resisting Hate do far more educating people to the dangers of far right extremism than any quasi-protective government agency. Contrary to popular belief, we are not bankrolled by George Soros, relying instead on the unity of our supporters to make a difference, in stark contrast to well-financed political right whose propagandists have the sheer audacity to claim they are “silenced”.

(Ed. To be clear Resisting Hate do not and never have accepted funds or donations)

Those brainwashed by the far right need to understand nobody is taking your jobs or stealing your benefits, despite what the tax-avoiding 1% wish you to believe. Even after covid, there is more than enough money printed to lift the poorest citizens out of poverty, maintain foreign aid, and offer a safe haven to refugees and asylum seekers. Britain has been built on immigration since pre-Roman times, the arrival of skilled and unskilled foreigners alike to these shores making our country the diverse melting pot of culture and business, without whom, there would be little or no health service, public transport, musical diversity, entrepreneurial success and sporting excellence, let alone social conscience.

Austerity is a political choice not a necessity, as is hate. Black, white and Asian uniting to fight is what the “War On Woke” fears most. We stand in the footsteps of legends, the brave socialist volunteers who gave their lives to fight fascism in the Spanish Civil War. We as proud “do-gooders” must put aside philosophical differences and unite for the common good, socialists, anarchists, environmentalists and humanitarians alike, ensuring racism, poverty and xenophobia won’t be around for future generations.

It’s time to make a difference. Connect with Resisting Hate, join your local ANTIFA and sign up as a volunteer at your local foodbank.




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