Pat Condell


Pat Condell is a comedian who discovered that there was more money to be made in ranting about Muslims than there was in being funny. He has built up a high profile with a far right social media audience and currently boasts over 341,000 subscribers to his You Tube channel.

Condell is an outspoken atheist and it is his atheism that guided his path from comedy and into social commentary. But instead of focusing on his objections to all religion, Condell became fixated with one religion in particular and his Twitter feed clearly demonstrates he sees his primary role now as a spokesman against Islam.


In 2014 the Islamophobic Tory candidate was forced to resign after anti Islam posts were found on his social media. Among the offensive posts were links to Pat Condell’s Islam hate videos.

Condell also has an account on the censorship free site Here, with the confidence that his hate will not cause his account to be suspended, Condell shows us clearly what kind of person he is.




  • What is your meaning of ‘Far Right’? Nationalist? Racist? Fascist? Nazi? ‘Islamophobic’?
    When you describe everyone you that you disagree as ‘Far Right’, the phrase loses all meaning.
    How can someone like Pat be considered ‘Far Right’?

    • I don’t like Resisting Hate because they laughed at my book about Muslims.

    • “Nazi” and “fascist” are certainly words that Condell bandies around – specifically about Muslims, but also about anyone who believes in tolerance rather than his own nationalistic bigotry. I think that – and him accusing immigrants of being rapists and all Muslims as being barbaric and categorizing anyone as contemptible who doesn’t share his hate towards other cultures – is why we can safely label him as far right.

  • Condell is another cowardly Zionist maggot.
    (Which a great deal of the people on your list are)

  • We should kill every fat lesbian, every homo, communist, socialist and labour voter.
    I am far-right, I am your enemy. Pat Condell is a centrist, maybe slightly right of centre.

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