DFLA – Criminal Members


The Football Lads Alliance (FLA)

Initially the group billed themselves as an anti terrorism protest group with no affiliation to hard right or hard left politics.

However the agenda of the group soon became associated with anti Islam marches and Islamophobia.

The Democratic Football Lads Alliance (DFLA)

As with most far right organisations the FLA fell foul of the usual infighting within a year, partly as a result of financial irregularities, with leader John Meighan allegedly taking all the money from merchandise sales. The group split into the FLA and the DFLA (Democratic Football Lads Alliance.). This is their Facebook page.

The split led to a fractured approach with the FLA following Meighan and the DFLA dissatisfied with his leadership and forming a splinter organisation. Bizarrely this led to a situation with both groups attending protests and marches under separate umbrellas with separate organisation and leadership.

At Resisting Hate we are interested to see just how many members of the DFLA have a criminal conviction and a violent past. For a self promoted peaceful organisation this bunch of thugs, yobs and ruffians show exactly the kind of person who is attracted to the street brawling antics of the DFLA.

Criminals of the DFLA

Mark Turnball (DFLA ADMIN and Leader of Newcastle DFLA)

Mark is Ex BNP and EDL. He was arrested for violent disorder and banned from EDL protests as part of his bail conditions. Mark also teamed up with Neo Nazis for a ‘Stuff the Jubilee’ party/protest.

Paul Martin (Leader of Leicester DFLA)

Paul was convicted of violent disorder, sentenced to 6 months prison and given an eight year banning order.

Simon Howlett (Tottenham DFLA)

Simon received a sentence of eight months in 2011 after inciting violence at a 2009 football match. He was also banned from Tottenham games for 6 years and from travelling abroad to matches. He may also be the same Simon Howlett charged with cocaine smuggling in 2004 after half a tonne of cocaine was found in a shipment of coconuts.

Jon Roe (Millwall/Rangers DFLA)

in 2016 Jon was jailed for eight months after pleading guilty to affray, and received an 8 year Football Banning Order, which is still in force.

Harry Childs (QPR DFLA)

Harry was sentenced to 8 months in prison for violent disorder and given a 6 year banning order.

Karl Court (Aston Villa DFLA)

In 2005 Karl was sentenced for fighting at a football march. He was banned from all matches for 5 years. Despite this he kept his position as General Secretary of the charity Aston Villa Former Players Association.


Martin Smith (Aston Villa DFLA)

Martin was sentenced to eight months imprisonment for kicking a man who had already fallen to the ground.

Darren Brindley (EDL, Newcastle DFLA)

Darren has a record of violence. He was jailed for 26 months for affray and breaching a suspended sentence and was also given a Football Banning Order.

Bryan Heron (Newcastle DFLA)

Bryan was given a 52 week jail sentence, suspended for 2 years, for violent disorder, along with a curfew order.

Greg Buchanan (DFLA Rangers)

Greg was sentenced to 100 days jail for violent disorder and also received a three year football banning order.

Ian Crossland (Sheffield Wednesday DLFA and Leader of the EDL)

Ian threatened and then was humiliated by Muslim lady. He’s also quoted in 2015 as saying

We should send them back to the sandpit they all came from, and then turn that sandpit into glass

Graham Wallace (Chelsea Headhunters and Chelsea DFLA)

Graham was sentenced to eight months in jail for affray and also received a six year Football Banning Order.

David Emsie (Leader of Coventry DFLA)

No criminal record found for Emsie but he likes to dress as a Nazi and visit Auschwitz.

Roy Price (West Ham DFLA)

Roy assaulted a police officer.

Anthony Bamford – in video below – (Rangers DFLA)

Keith Lions (AKA Keith Kerwick) DFLA Millwall. Allegedly Twitter admin for DFLA



    The not so Magnificent Seven

    John D Newey (Regional co-ordinator of DFLA and Leader of West Brom DFLA)

    Sentenced to 20 months jail and given seven-year football ban.

    Keith Amos (42) (West Bromich Albion DFLA)

    Sentenced 19 months jail for violent disorder and given seven-year football ban.

    Stephen Bailey (West Bromich Albion DFLA)

    Sentenced to nine months jail and given seven-year football ban.

    Matt Bolton (West Bromich Albion DFLA)

    Sentenced to 21 months jail and given seven-year football ban.

    Mathew Brittle (West Bromich Albion DFLA)

    Sentenced to 18 months jail and given seven-year football ban.

    Darren Clarke (West Bromich Albion DFLA)

    Sentenced to six months jail and given seven-year football ban.

    Micheal Hayes (West Bromich Albion DFLA)

    Sentenced to 18 months jail and seven-year football ban.

    Not Pictured

    Jack Hutchins (QPR DFLA)

    Sentenced to 1 year in prison for violent disorder and given 6 years banning order.

    Bradley Pack (QPR DFLA)

    Sentenced to 30 weeks in prison and given 6 years banning order .

    Kieran Colletta (General of the Tottenham DFLA)

    Jailed for 2 years in 2009 for organizing violent brawl and given 6 years banning order. Also has four previous convictions for blackmail possesing stolen goods, possesion of an offensive weapon and obstructing police.

    Robert Simpson (Rangers DFLA also affiliated with Birmingham City DFLA)

    Ex BNP and Member of the National Front

    Although Resisting Hate have had some involvement in gathering this information there has been a good deal more work completed by our friends and associates behind the scenes. This has been very much a team effort and the hard work of all the antifascists who have contributed is very much appreciated.



  • I am not an attorney, but the series of actions taken against the offender or suspect can easily, and unintentionally, become a raging declivity, a slippery slope that seemed just at start. I have no sympathy for thugs or hate groups, of course, but populations must also acknowledge that law and order is not supposed to work like bleach. Perhaps I should read study it more, though.

  • Now you have outed the FLA and the DFLA ,will you be doing the same with all the Pakistani grooming rape gangs?

    • If you (or anyone else) has any verifiable information about grooming gangs then absolutely we will tackle it. Resisting Hate stand up for communities who are unfairly targeted with the stigma of child abuse but

        in the case of the individuals who actually commit child abuse

      we consider these individuals to be vile and disgusting and we will be glad to assist with bringing the names of such individuals to the attention of the law.

      • Who give you the right to put this information up in the public eye you poeple need to wake up this country is being taken over

      • There’s been information and Victim statements out there for 40yrs but now you out the only people prepared to actively do something about grooming and rape gangs…
        Who are you ?

        • The DFLA are not tackling grooming gangs. All they do is drink lager, go on rowdy marches and cry about Tommy Robinson. What possible constructive effect do you think this behavious has on targeting criminals?

      • The one guy mentioned in the list I know well, hes has never been part of any group that you stated above. He was arrested at a football match and was innocent, but they police made an example of these guys and were sentenced.
        I suggest you remove Matthew Brittle from the list as he can take legal action against you. You have not researched all these people and you are trying to make a name for yourself. This can affect their lives dramatically which you have no consideration for.

        • So he was arrested at a football match and sentenced by the law? Truth is a defence to libel.

          However if he contacts us on resistinghate@gmail.com with a promise he is no longer involved in racist or extremist activity then yes we will remove his name. Everybody deserves a second chance to live a better life.

  • Brad Smith, 24 was enjoying a quiet night out with friends when he was struck upon causing him to lose his glasses, when he regained sight he had discovered he had been taken to a garage by a woman and was in a chair tied up with an apple in his mouth

  • Give us a list of your members. Bet EVERYONE of you has a conviction for child sex abuse.

    • Firstly – No. That is private data.
      Secondly – They are all screened. They do not have convictions for anything at all.

      • You need to bin off your plastic detectives behind the scenes as they’re crap firstly & secondly rather than spew such bs why don’t you get brave & speak to the dfla yourself personally that way you can ensure you will get the truth ??
        Ps since when did personal data be of concern

  • Wondered where you stand with Antiffa and there members , as they always arrange counter demo,s in the same town place and area and are only intent on causing maximum disturbance with the throwing of urine over anyone that doesn’t look like the great unwashed , I saw a fight racism rally the other day where the guy trying to shop people into a frenzy unsuccessfully screaming smash smash smash the FLA , when asked to break that down “ smash” he said by what ever means looolcould u imagine these soya bean eating dreadlocked pongos taking it to irganised football ruffians loool

    • Resisting Hate is not an Antifa organisation though we do have Antifa links. Our members have differing views on the methods used by Antifa and I cannot speak for them all. My own view is that Antifa do an excellent job of helping to combat hate. I don’t necessarily agree with everything they do but I’d argue that if fascist morons were not out there causing trouble they wouldn’t need to be opposed, would they.

      • Well Roanna that is about as stupid a statement as I have ever read…Antifa oppose fascists with violence so they are no better…as for fascists then I suggest you look up the meaning of fascism because it is all too often used in the wrong context…it refers to state control yet I see nobody in this group that would want state control…rather the opposite TBH a bit like Antifa who by your definition then are fascists?

  • Interesting article but I did think the info on David Emsie was poor as millions of people visit Auschwitz every year. This in no way means he is a criminal or indeed extremist in his views. Also the picture of who I assume is him dressed as butler may well be in bad taste however once again it’s not criminal & doesn’t mean he is extremist in his views.

  • A blatantly racist group of people, Only causing trouble where they know they will not bump into the ethnic minorities that beat them out of london and anywhere else they could be from. Grooming gangs they speak about? What about all the football coaches and priests that have been fiddling with little boys? Is it not time to out them too? Ill keep an eye out for the ones associated with west london (QPR and chelsea), they are probably from the suburbs, would love to bump into any of them

  • These people are loser football hooligans. They wasted their time drinking and fighting and now feel disgruntled because they are unsuccessful in life. They blame their failings on immigrants. Luckily they are a very tiny fringe group, most of whom are old and will die of liver disease and lung cancer soon.

  • This is useful information. The DFLA site is blocked from our workplace by the web filter because it is categorised as ‘Hate and Racism’. Your information confirms to me that this category is correct. Thanks.

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