Claire Khaw – Nazi Promotes Infanticide


Claire Khaw is an ex member of the BNP who is hoping to pursue a career in the media. Unfortunately her views are deeply entrenched in far right hate and Nazism so this is proving difficult for her.

We encountered Claire on social media the other day discussing her views on children with disabilities. Her solution to this problem was that parents should be allowed (encouraged) to practice infanticide. She went on to justify this with the argument that if abortion is legal there is no reason that infanticide should also not be legal as to her mind it is the same thing.

A selection of her comments and views below. Should she ever be successful in attaining media interest we will certainly be passing this to interested parties.


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  • Obviously NOT a philosopher. And judging by her tweets, she has failed miserably to understand just what a civic nationalist actually is (dear “Claire”, please read some Orwell). Just another lazy, inadequate media whore.

    Is that “firearm” she is brandishing so ruthlessly made from an old hoover?

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