Britain First Using Lee Rigby To Spread Hate


Britain First’s latest stunt has really frustrated me for a number of reasons:

1. Lee Rigby’s mother has already said on several different occasions that she does not want Britain First and Lee Rigby to be associated or for them to use him for their own political ends

2. No one knows who did it. It could be just a sick random vandal or two. But in the video Golding goes on about “Islamic extremists” (as per usual)

3. He says that if the people are found and taken to court, they “will get a visit from Britain First”. Really Paul? Because that’s not got you in trouble before has it, you ignorant halfwit. And by doing that you will, like before, jeopardise any action or case brought against them.

I have an idea Paul, why don’t you stop “talking for the British people” because, frankly, you don’t. What you do is embarrass the British people. What you do is show yourselves up to be ignorant. And you actually only speak really for the 20 people who can be bothered to turn up to your shambolic “days of action”.


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