Trump Attacks London Mayor


Resisting Hate member in America speaks out against Donald Trump

This is the reality.

Far right extremists pose a far greater risk to our safety than Muslims. No “Travel” (Muslim) Ban or Wall will solve that problem and Trump is too busy trolling and harassing the Mayor of London to even take notice of ANOTHER mass shooting unfolding in Florida this mourning. (Spelling intentional).  He continues to incite violence and troll the planet with his insanity on Twitter and through ridiculous speeches making Whitehouse press statements through Alex Jones and Infowars.

Far right extremists and White Supremacists don’t realize they have been played by Trump any more than Trump realizes he was played by Putin. All I know right now is that the truth is Comey-ing. Thursday will have the highest ratings EVER. More people are going to be watching Comey than the OJ Simpson trial.

The Whitehouse has a serious credibility problem. Trump took Mayor Sadiq’s statement completely out of context. While most leaders would know the best way to handle a crisis is to reassure the public that measures are being taken to assure their safety, instead Trump is using the tragedy for political gain. Trump has launched a personal attack on Mayor Sadiq Khan inciting violence against Muslims and further appealing to disenfranchised youth who are vulnerable towards being radicalized by ISIS or White Supremacist Cults.

Imagine if the Prime Minister did something so heinous after 9/11 of the Orlando shooting. This is truly dreadful. He’s an opportunist and is a very sick and twisted man. Sending light and love to my friends in the U.K. and solidarity to my friends in Portland. I stand with you.

Elyssa Durant



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