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Members of the DFLA


Below are known members of the DFLA

1 Lee Williams (Birmingham DFLA)

2 Steve Manton (Aston Villa DFLA)

3 Dave Welsh (Leicester DFLA)

4 Seb James (Northern DFLA)

5 Adam McDonagh

6 Colin Hamblett (Bolton White Nationalists)

7 Roy Ainsworth (Northwest FLA)

8 Mark Turnball (DFLA ADMIN and Leader of Newcastle DFLA)

9 David Emsie

10 Paul Martin (Leader of Leicester DFLA)

11 Simon Howlett

12 Jon Roe (Millwall/Rangers DFLA)

14 Harry Childs QPR DFLA)

15 John Greenham

16 Jacob Bedlington

17 Chris Doughty

18 Jake and Beth Hyland

19 James Mitson

20 Ray Fallick

21 Tony Ward

22 Adrian Foad

23 Matt Young

24 Phil Raymond

25 Joe Marsh

26 Ian Crossland

27 Gary Nunn

28 Andy Royston

29 Alexander Mourmouris

30 Karl Court (Aston Villa DFLA)

32 Martin Smith (Aston Villa DFLA)

33 Darren Brindley( EDL, Newcastle DFLA)

34 Bryan Heron

35 Greg Buchanan (DFLA Rangers)

36 Graham Wallace

37 Roy Price (DFLA)

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