The Team

Resisting Hate


Resisting Hate is both a group and a community. The community spreads into the thousands on our Facebook page and those who interact with us on Twitter. The group has a core of five founders and a growing number of group members, friends, affiliates and associates beyond it.

Introducing our founders

Halal Kitty

A true leader of the resistance

Kitty is possibly the person Britain First would most like to get their hands on. Kitty handles most of our “mole” work, infiltrating established hate groups and obtaining key information. Kitty also manages the group networking, PR and recruitment. More recently Kitty has been publishing daily articles (affectionately known as rants) on highly topical issues which have been very well received.

Roanna (Witchy)

Trying to change the world one article at a time

Roanna writes most of the articles for the website and also publishes group views regularly on the Huffington Post. Roanna runs the group Twitter account with an eye to educating others on the problem of hate crime. Sometimes she uses it to call Donald Trump rude names.

Old Wolf

Finding ways and building alliances to fight hate

Wolf is best described as a surveillance man with a talent for finding issues on social media for the group to tackle. Recently he had some real success in bringing a paedophile ring to the attention of the authorities which led to mass suspensions and (we are hoping) arrests. Wolf also thought up the name for the group!

Our secret founder

They seek him here, they seek him there…

Our secret founder prefers to stay secret in the shadows. He handles group art and design and produces most of the original images we publish. Our secret founder also manages group funding and overseas projects. He’s good at finding info too, always… digging around somewhere…

Tech Support

Our tech guy runs the website and supervises the links between all our social media platforms. He monitors all our tech and keeps all the Resisting Hate sites running smoothly.