The Enigmatic Dr ChuChu (PsyD)

For several years we have watched and been trolled by an extremely racist, antisemitic and abusive Twitter user. We’ve always referred to him as Dr ChuChu, this obviously isn’t a real name, but was the persona he adopted on his biggest account to date, with something like 60,000 followers.
That account @Wotchuwant has since been suspended from Twitter, but luckily there is an archive copy available, which includes some horrendous racist posts.

Wayback Machine copy

We’ve managed to identify the user concerned, I’ll try and explain the process. This is a character who has been a thorn in our sides for several years, and the truth of the matter is really quite sinister.

Other handles he’s had include




@Wotchuwant (cached above)



@MikeeMergeMusic (Timeline deleted but appears as retweets in other archives)


@Twiddaguy (Archived here)

@RutgerUlbrecht (Now suspended, but archived here)

@BumpinGemz (Timeline now deleted, but archived here)

@SheerDropz (archived here)

The underlined ones are still active as of now. He has a habit of switching handles and clearing timelines, perhaps in an attempt to hide the tweet threads, but that doesn’t work because the Wayback Machine caught many of them. For this reason references to specific accounts below might link to other accounts or possibly nothing.

Purely by chance we happened to look at some of his very early tweets on the BumpinGemz account, which rather than being Islamophobic hate and memes, were mostly music related. Two of them stood out as strange. They were retweets in the old fashioned style, where the original message was included inĀ  the text. He’s since deleted these and other old tweets, but we got screenshots before he did, and the other messages in the thread are still live.

It can be seen from this exchange that the account currently called @BumpinGemz was at one time called @MikeeMerge. Mikee Merge was the stage name of a Drum ‘n’ Bass DJ.

Several other interactions with the account seemed to confirm the name, here’s a small sample.

This Twitter search will give you all the references to him being Mikee.

Now we’d established that “ChuChu” was in fact “Mikee Merge” a little research turned up something a bit more sinister.

This music forum contained a reference to Mikee getting “caught with child porn on his computer”.

The user that posted it was familiar with Mikee, and posted a link to the news article about him. The article named him as Michael Jay-Stone, who was jailed for 12 months in 2009 for downloading thousands of child sexual abuse images.

That user was known as Azonica on the forum, an employee of a record label at the time. We tracked him down too, he is also on Twitter, and hadn’t forgotten Mikee.

One final piece helps link all the accounts together. Mikee used a short-lived social media aggregator called Alternion to bring together his various accounts. Although most of the twitter accounts are now suspended, the text from many of them can still be viewed. You will recognise a lot of the handles from my list above.

Alternion page

So, there you have it, the racist, right wing troll who posts about ‘Muslim paedos’ is, in fact, a convicted and registered child sex offender!