Exposing Fascists Is Necessary

It is no secret that Resisting Hate and many other anti Hate or Antifascist organisations  use the information we uncover to pass details of racists to their employers andlaw enforcement. Basically we name and shame individuals who use covert and anonymous accounts to spread hate. To be clear – although we do support flagging up […]

The concept of ‘White Pride’

One of the challenges that Resisting Hate encounters more frequently than any other is the perceived concern that minority groups have the right to take pride in their heritage, culture and communities but that other groups do not. This issue has been raised many times with complaints from white, straight (often Christian) individuals stating that […]

Child Sexual Exploitation

Child Sexual Exploitation: Racist Mythology, Scapegoating and the Betrayal of Our Children This article aims to identify some of the commonly held beliefs in relation to gang-related Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) and to explore some of the associated myths. I hope to unpick some of the cultural tropes which appear to underpin the current narrative […]

Everybody’s Experience Of Life Is Different

A guest writer in response to this post (not a Resisting Hate original) that we posted on our Facebook page.    Unfortunately I’ve seen many threads where you don’t get to comment on the thread because you’re a man/white/not a survivor etc. Sure, I’m all for minorities (like me) to raise their voices, but saying […]

Why Google Were Right To Sack Sexist Employee

After the debacle of the leaked Google memo on diversity the individual responsible for sharing his somewhat sexist views to the rest of his company has now been dismissed. But the gender debate lingers on in his wake and continues to encourage people to discuss the issue of gender based abilities and predispositions. In a […]

I Am A Muslim But I am NOT Oppressed

Guest blog from a lady making a welcome return to Twitter I decided to come back on Twitter recently after taking a couple of years away. I came back on a few days after the Grenfell Tower Tragedy. One of the very first tweets I saw about the Grenfell Tower went along the lines of […]

Criticism And Free Speech

Our group Resisting Hate come under a lot of flak for the stand we take against hate speech. We regularly butt heads with defenders of free speech who feel we have a pro censorship agenda and who believe we want to silence the voices of those with differing views to us and to eliminate all […]

No Far Right Haters, You Are Not Pagans

Ever since I had the misfortune of seeing Jack Renshaw, the leader of proscribed hate group National Action, wishing one of his white supremacist members a merry Yule I have become increasingly uncomfortable with the links various far right haters have been attempting to make with Paganism. In much the same way that Britain First […]

Why #droptheT is hate against the LGBT+

Article written by La Miranda  Transphobic groups have started to use the hashtag #droptheT as part of their war against the Trans community.  They frequently align themselves with religious extremists and heterosexual/cisgender fundamentalists. They would prefer to have a LGB community with everyone back in their tidy pigeon holes.  History and life do not support […]

Give Our Young People A Voice

The divisions in Britain since the EU referendum a year ago have been written about extensively. Our group Resisting Hate and many others have publicly discussed the increase in racism, in Islamophobia and in Anti Semitism. In particular we have witnessed a surge of hostility to non British nationals. What has not been so well […]

Solving The Problem Of Terrorism

If you clicked on this article hoping for a pithy Hopkinseqsue one liner that claims to solve the problem of terrorism in a soundbite then I am afraid you are out of luck. Terrorism in the modern age is more complex than a few buzz words can easily express. Activists, newspapers and politicians may try […]

Hater Forgets Own Posts

We find a lot of haters are delusional but this one we encountered today took the cake as well as the biscuit as he actually managed to forget the content of his own time line. Resisting Hate pointed out he was an Islamophobe, an allegation our hater vehemently denied, asking us to prove it. So […]